Monday, April 18, 2016

Sea Glass, Seaside and the Seashore!!

Friday, the hubs and I decided we needed some beach time and a good sea glass hunt.
Hunting for sea glass has become quite the competition between the two of us.
We walk hand in hand in the soft sand, as we head towards the water...
as we get to the water's edge, we separate, he goes one way, I go the other, zip lock bags in hand.
Then, the competition begins, who can find the most and the best.
The best = unusual colors and degree of smoothness.
It was low tide when we started, 

pretty sparkles and tiny little waves.

I think New Jersey has the prettiest beaches on the east coast.

The hubs takes the hunt a little more serious than I do...
he was determined to find more than me.

We were in Seaside Heights, this is the pier that was destroyed during Super Storm Sandy.

All that walking made us hungry, 
for this, a sausage sandwich with onions and peppers.
Extra onions please!!

We got them here, the best eatery on the boardwalk.
We sat on a bench outside and devoured them.

And are you wondering who won the sea glass contest?

Well, I did, of course.
This is my bounty,

here's the hubs.
He did get the biggest single piece...
 but I had the biggest haul, more colors
and smoother pieces.

So, I win!!


  1. Excelente trabalho e belas fotografias desta fantástica praia.
    Um abraço e boa semana.

    1. translated: Excellent work and beautiful photographs of this fantastic beach. A hug and good week .

  2. The beach is lovely, the food looks delicious and it was nice of hubs to let you win. ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ

    1. he did NOT let me win...i won because i am the better hunter!!!

  3. The Jersey Shore - my favorite place on Earth! You know, I never seem to find sea glass. You'll have to tell me what your secret is.

  4. Hello, Debbie! Beautiful shots of the beach and water. The Jersey Shore beaches are great. Congrats on the sea glass, now you have some more pretty pieces and colors. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  5. Beautiful shores! I love the ocean and have only been a few times in my life. Your images made me feel like I was right there with you! Congratulations! Your sea glass is beautiful!

  6. Beautiful pictures. Wonderful blue colors!
    Three times bathed in the Atlantic Ocean.
    Piece of sausage? If the ocean is a delicious fish sandwich ...
    Debbie, as usual, wonderful relationship.

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  8. We went to the beach too. No glass though. Lovely shots, and great sea glass finds.

  9. Oh course you won--I had no doubt. :-) I love those amber pieces--so pretty. I've never been to the beach in NJ, but your pictures sure do make them look good.

  10. Those beaches look beautiful.I think I would forget about finding glass and keep on shooting more and more pictures.

  11. Dang that sandwich looks amazing and ya know how everything tastes just better cooked and/or eaten outside! Pretty seaglass! Oh ive been there! And it IS A PrETTY BEACH... Up near McGuire right? Visited back in the 70s. Now i have a better idea of where yall are.

  12. LOL! That's too funny! I have to say that delicious looking sandwich was a HUGE distraction! For a second there I thought you'd gone completely off course. ;-) Nice glass finds!

  13. Beautiful finds, Debbie.
    And oh my goodness, these beaches!
    How fortunate you are to live so close to them.

  14. How wonderful to have beaches like that to walk along! Our daughter keeps saying she wants to move so she can be close to the ocen and just walk the beaches hunting for interesting stones.

  15. I am glad you won!! Beautiful glass. Lovely beach trip. I love beach trips.

  16. I can tell you are a true winner one way or another. Lovely glass on both those plates. The photos are spectacular and of course, I am liking them for me.
    I have missed following your blog for a while; but I will try to catch up. I don't want to miss a single entry; you might have something just for me. Sending blessings and hugs your way!

  17. What a beautiful post with the most stunning beach pics!!! I would love to walk on that beach!

  18. To think we may have passed it each other a few years back when we lived there, we went to seaside heights a few times :) WE do the same thing, have a competition on who can find the neatest pieces :) Looks like it was a beautiful day but I don't know if I would have went in the water myself :) Glad you had a good day out!

  19. Oh the way the light plays on the water is a joy to the eye ...

    All the best Jan

  20. What fun times you both have. It would be awesome to be able to visit the beach like that (I live 5-6 hours away from the ocean). Such wonderful photos of the waves, the sand, the food - Can I just say I love sausage & onions. Congrats on winning the contest with the sea glass. It all looks so pretty.

  21. You do have beautiful beaches. All those onions look wonderful! With you both competing, you're bound to come home with a bounty of sea glass.