Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Saturday Soccer!!

We used to spend every Saturday on the Soccer Fields, my son Michael played.
He was an avid player, he played forever. 
From the time he was a little tike, until he graduated from High School.

I was thrilled to return to the fields on Saturday, to watch Addie play.

Mom was working, Dad was in charge, she seemed excited about her game.

She was super excited to show Aunt Debbie her brand new "pink" cleats.

Lorelei had a ball, she never stopped rolling and running all over the empty fields.

Pre-game they ran around together, nothing but happy faces.

But when Addie took the field for real something changed...was it the red shirt she had to wear,
covering the pretty pink one she loved so much.
Or was it that little boy who already looks like a professional soccer player?

oooooooh that smiling face changed, and get a look at that body language...

a talk with dad...

and hugs from Dad changed nothing, she left the field and we took her home crying!!
I wonder what changed for her??


  1. The little chap with his hands in his pockets, did it for her!!

  2. awwww

    Their cries can burst your heart, can't they.

  3. Hello, oh wow. What happened, did that little boy say something to her? The photo of the two smiling and running together is adorable. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  4. She will make a comeback. Whatever happened will make her stronger.

  5. It all changed and got serious when the game was ready to start.
    I think she was a bit scared. Maybe next time? Or maybe she will like something else better?
    T-ball might be her thing.

  6. Oh, she'll be back!!!!
    The expressions on her face are priceless, Debbie, and you captured them beautifully.

  7. I feel for Addie! I'm guessing 'stage fright' ('field-fright?). I applaud her dad for not forcing the issue. Maybe she really won't ever want to play, maybe she'll come back when she's ready. You can't force interest.

  8. Next year will be our first soccer/sports year and I REALLY can't wait for that phase of parenting. xoxo Andrea @ This Knitted Life

  9. awe - poor little thing. Yes, maybe she was afraid; has she been playing long? They're both
    so very precious. I know you love them to pieces.


  10. It happens, but she'll figure it out. Maybe it's not the sport for her or she was just nervous. Very cute, nonetheless!

  11. I kind of figured that, Debbie. LOL

  12. Sounds like she was scared. Hopefully that is all it was!

  13. .. hello Debbie..... you little nieces are gorgeous. I feel sorry for Addie not having a game.. .. maybe next time.. xxxxx
    I love the sea glass you and hubby collected.. the pieces are beautiful..
    Have a good day.. hugs... Barb xxx

  14. Oh Debbie your photo's are all good, but of course the first ones are adorable,
    The smiles on their faces in that pre-games shot is just wonderful to see.

    Playing in a game is of course a different thing and one that I'm sure she will get to enjoy.

    All the best Jan

  15. wow you have beautiful place with such a lovely sharing ,have a wonderful day

  16. Poor Addie, so sad she didn't have fun playing, maybe it will just take time, I think practice is all together different than playing the game, especially if there is a lot of yelling and clapping going on, sometimes it can throw you off. At least they had some pregame fun :)

  17. Oh that's to bad that Addie wasn't up to playing the game. You just never know what makes a child think differently about things. She & her sister are so adorable. I hope maybe in time she'll want to go back and try playing again.

  18. Oh, that sweet one! You did take some lovely pictures of this sweet little one. I think they just get scared. I had one daughter that I can just imagine she would have done this exact same thing. What lovely little ones these two are. Hugs for all!

    1. hi, nice to meet you, do you have a blog address you could leave here for me?? i would like to visit you!!

  19. Aw. Maybe one day she'll tell you. She definitely looked out of her comfort zone.