Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Special Day In Cape May!!

I had the most amazing day yesterday, celebrating my 53rd birthday with my wonderful husband!! I hope you can handle the excitement, lets get down to the good stuff, pictures!!

A ride to Cape May and
two very happy people getting ready for "tea" in the gardens
at The Carriage House Tearoom & Cafe
at the Physick Estate!!
This place is amazing, are you ready.....

First course, scones and blueberry & cranberry tea breads
with clotted cream. I have no idea what that really is but it was awesome!!

Next, tomato basil soup. Mine had a heart shaped crouton!!
Can you handle it?!?!

Tea Sandwiches
Roasted Vegetables with Hummus
Chicken Salad
Smoked Turkey with Roasted Asparagus and truffle mayonnaise.
And a small side of pasta salad.....yummo!!!

On to desert...

Flour less chocolate cake for me...

Blueberry cheesecake for the hubs!!
There might be a piece missing....he always forgets about the pictures!!

Bellies full, the tearoom is behind us!!
We ate outside in the gardens and it was just perfect!!

There was a walk on the beach, collecting shells and I took lot's of pictures of the ocean!!
Cape May has some of the most beautiful beaches in New Jersey!!

There was a little shopping and some bike riding!!

Then dinner at The Blue Pig, this place is amazing!!

Yummy salad with lot's of fresh fruit!!

Chuck's yummy Chicken...and do you see those roasted onions top left,
They. Were. Amazing!!

I had Prime Rib with Mashed Potatoes & Asparagus
It. Was. Divine. 

More Chocolate Cake for desert....it was sinful!!

We always stop at this firehouse for pictures
because they have a great wall to set the camera on!!

A horse drawn carriage ride with "Brutus"!!

Brutus was amazing!!!

The evening ended here at Ben & Jerry's...
You will need a calculator to keep track of how many deserts we had!!

Chuck went for the ice cream...

Hot Coco was my choice!!

There will be several follow ups to this as I took lots of pictures
of nature, flowers, butterflies, the ocean and seagulls.

We had the most amazing day EVER!!

We may be going back this Sunday!!


  1. What a fun day! Cape May is awesome and you hit all the great spots!

  2. Wow! That looks like a perfect day and night! I'm glad you had such a great day! I look forward to more pics. :)

  3. i just love how you eat your way thru your day! and what better day to do it than on your birthday!!!

  4. I've been waiting for this blog lol. And I have to ask - where did you put all the food? It all looks so delicious so I would probably have eaten it all as well :) You make such a cute couple. Your pictures are great and I'm so glad you had a good day.

  5. You got to hush about the food...I am starving just looking at it all! Sounds like a wonderful time.

  6. It all looks wonderful.. Happy Birthday my friend!

  7. Oh my word. I feel stuffed just looking at these pictures,oh wait,maybe it is because I just finessed having supper.Looks like you had a fabulous time.

  8. I'm actually drooling! Yummy food and you make such a cute couple!

  9. What a great day you had and those desserts...they looked so YUMMY. I have never had a horse drawn carriage ride. What a treat. Your husband must have a romantic heart. You two look so happy.


  10. Wow, debbie, it looks like you and chuck had an awesome time!!!! The pics are fantastic, makes me want to go there so badly. And you're pics of the egret, wonderful!!!! I love the ones in flight, you are such an awesome photographer!!! you really should publish a coffee table book, i'd love to have all your pics in one place. Thanks for breakfast, you're the greatest, don't forget to email me, okay??? so i can have your address? love you, debbie peters

  11. Oh Wow. What a fantastic day. Love Love your photos. I would never want to get out of that white carriage . Never. Very Romantic.
    I wanted to see purple.:)
    Wonderful images and made me smile.
    I cant wait to get away someplace this winter. So glad I found your blog.

  12. Happy Birthday Lovely!

  13. Happy Birthday young lady! Looks like you had a fabulous day celebrating. And look at all that yummy food! My favorite part of going out...LOL! Glad you had a special day. And enjoy the rest of the week!

  14. That's all so romantic. I'd have expected nothing less from you two lovebirds! Brilliant! What a fantastic celebration.
    The sinful chocolate dessert - aaaaaaah ;D)

  15. Sounds like a GREAT Birthday!! And YUMMY too!

  16. What a great day!! It looks like the best. I wanted to read this yesterday but between my internet problems and blogger told me I had no followers I am just getting around right now.
    The food looks amazing. So glad it was such a great day.

  17. First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR DEBBIE!!! It looks like you had a wonderful time. Cape May is such a gorgeous place to be, especially at this time of year. I am so glad you had such a fantastic time!

  18. Agai, Happy Birthday Debbie, you are an adorable couple and all that yummy food looked scrumdidyumptious!

  19. What a fun way to spend your birthday! Belated birthday wishes from South Dakota! I think you have a real gift for capturing humming birds! That was special!!

  20. You got great pictures! I'm hungry now. I've always heard such wonderful things about Cape May, but I've never had a chance to visit.

  21. What a whirlwind! Fantastic food and places to visit. Happy Birthday! :)

  22. My dear friend, what a very blessed life you have!!! Belated birthday blessings to you, dear one!!!

    I consider you "my local artist", with the quality of pictures you take!