Thursday, September 29, 2011

Brown Beauties

This horse was gorgeous, stoic and tall...

on the top of the hill...

so well groomed, his gorgeous tail flows close to the ground!

Posing for pictures....

this guy was curious and friendly!!

and very busy enjoying his lunch!!

I love the fence in these photo's, it just adds a lil something...
don't you think TexWisGirl??

If I had taken this picture a few months ago,
I would have tried to get the pictures without the fence!!

Thanks, T!! Better with it for sure!!


  1. Great shots...and I like the fence! Maybe YOU should start the meme "Behind the fence".

  2. Brown horses with black tails and manes are my favortie. These are real beauties and I also love the fence!

  3. Yup. Love the fence. Do you follow life according to Jan n jer? she's starting friday's fences tomorrow...

  4. Beautiful horse, such a lovely rich colour. And your right the fence really adds to the picture. It looks kind of wavy.

  5. Such a dark brown color. Gorgeous!

  6. The horses are beautiful. Horses are hugh beings with gently souls. There is nothing better than nuzzling ones face into the neck of a horse. I do miss being around them.

  7. Awesome pictures. I really like the fence, it does make the pictures perfect, I think ;) Thanks for stopping by my blog and for you sweet words. Made my night.

  8. Beautiful photos and, yes, that fence adds to them indeed!

  9. Love the color of those horses. Just beautiful...and I DO like the fences!