Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Gardens Are Still Beautiful!!

My Daylilies are still blooming...

so are my Knockout Roses!!

Rose Of Sharon!!

Ornamental Grass

Berries in the Dogwood Tree

I am still getting Stella Doro Daylilies...

and the Impatiens we planted in the Spring!!!

Around the Cedar Tree in the front...

and the "ring" around the Locus Tree in the front...

and this garden in the center of the front yard!!

and last but certainly not least...Sunflowers, drenched in sun!!

Probably the last tour of the gardens for this year....not too shabby, right!!

I will be joining in with "Let Your Blog Remain Silent" for September 11th....
Gone but never forgotten....In our Hearts Forever!! 


  1. I am happy to get this tour,as my garden has all but gone to sleep. I have a few faded Purple Coneflowers,but that is it.

  2. Your garden and flowers are looking lovely. Thanks for the tour.

  3. My flowers are starting to look rather woe-be-gone. Great to see yours are still thriving. :)

  4. Wow Debbie! So much beauty. I'm glad you're still enjoying so many pretties.

  5. How glorious to wake up in the morning and see the brilliant colors in your garden still remain. Stunning photographs, Debbie! Viewing your wonderful blog has certainly brightened up my day. Thanks for sharing such beauty!

  6. you're such a braggart! :)

    seriously, these are beautiful. soak it up!

  7. My flowers have gone by the wayside. Lucky you, they are beautiful!

  8. Everything is lovely. And....I am so jealous!!!!!

  9. ohhh sooo pretty! =)

  10. My flowers are looking sad right's nice to see yours are still looking beautiful as ever!
    Enjoy every moment of those gorgeous blooms!

  11. I am just a wee bit jealous!!!!! NO, make that a lot. These are so beautiful...and to still have them is wonderful.

  12. Yeah! My stuff if fading. How do you keep the lilies around so long??

  13. they're all so pretty... your yard is an award winning creation!!! Niiice =)

  14. Nothing shabby about this garden. You have a truly outstanding place filled with so many pretty plants. Love it. In Texas, they have been gone for months.