Monday, September 26, 2011

Another Buck

Spotted on our bike path at Allaire State Park on September 18, 2011.
He was just as curious about me as I was of him!!

Is he not gorgeous??
When Chuck first spotted him he was about ten feet away!!
As I went for the camera he ran off, but only a little!!

I love deer, I mean I really love deer. But ever since I found out Tammy was looking for a buck,
well I think you can sense my excitement to share these with her!!

And after our bike ride as we were driving home, I spotted this...

Egret, in the middle of a field!!

Chuck braved the steep terrain to get me these shots!!

I'm not sure who was more excited but definately not the Egret!!

Tammy has been so supportive of me
and leaves me the sweetest comments!!
Please consider joining in!!


  1. that is a beautiful buck!!! and egret too, but i get to see those here... :)

  2. Nice photos of the egret and deer. We get to see too many deer around here. Mainly running out in front of the car while driving down the highway! They can be a big nuisance, but they are pretty animals.

  3. What a lucky day! First the deer and then the egret...great photos!

  4. Great shots Deb and I too love visiting Tammy.

  5. These are great piccies. Doesn't that buck have a lovely face. So cute! And your egret - don't think we get these here, I've never seen one before. That's some neck he has.

  6. Wonderful shots of the buck and egret! The bucks are especially cautious in our area so we don't get to see them very often. So nice to view one on your terrific blog!

  7. You two were in the right place at the right time with camera at the ready. Excellent pics!

  8. Wonderful Debbie - he's certainly eyeing you off!
    Graceful Egret :D)

  9. I would have been so excited that I wouldn't have been able to hold the camera steady...