Sunday, September 25, 2011

Another Day At The Beach...

Yesterday at Pier Village in Long Branch, New Jersey!!

Cute right...
do you see those gorgeous shells??

Funny story there!! I love to search for shells. Chuck and I search for shells and sea glass every time we go to the beach. Once we hit the sand, we usually go in opposite directions.
It's a little bit of a competition, 
who can find the most....and the best shells!!

Chuck secretly purchased these shells last week
when we were in Cape May.
He hid them in the car.
Today, he sprinkled them on the beach so I would "discover them"!!

What a thrill, thanks Chuck, you made my day!!

That's me, one happy girl!!

We passed this beautiful bridge on the way home...
I just loved the mirror reflection!!

Pretty wild flowers growing all around the bridge!!

Another very old bridge, do you see the three white swans??
It was cloudy, all day today...

Then the sun came out, for about ten minutes, 
just enough time for us to capture this!!

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  1. First of all, you two are too cute! It's so nice to see a happily married couple. The fact that he bought those shells for you to find...well...let's just melted my heart.

    Next, your purple scarf looks fantastic on you!

    And lastly, all the pics are great but I LOVE that last one. WOW!

  2. Chuck is such a romantic! Your pictures are framable. Hope you are having a fabulous Sunday. Bonnie

  3. WOW!!! I am in awe at this beauty. What a perfect ending to a lovely day fro the two of you.

  4. beautiful! and sweet chuck!!!

    did you link in to weekend reflections?

  5. Aw the Chuck is definately a keeper. How sweet is he!! Those shells are lovely and very unusual.
    It looks is if it might have been chilly down at the beach! I'll bet it's not as chilly as it is here though.
    OMG but those reflection shots are wonderful - you could hang that last one on your wall. Beautiful. Well done you! I LOVE sunset shots.

  6. She sells sea shells...whatever. But nice shells anywhay.

  7. ohhh beautiful shots! and yes you sure look like one happy lady!

    Big hugs from Indiana

  8. Hello Debbie, beautiful post and photos. I can not decide which photo I like the best, they are all lovely. Your hubby is a sweetie buying you shells to find. My hubby and I also love to search for shells. I hope you are having a great Sunday!

  9. Awww, cute story about Chuck hiding those shells. Love going to the beach with you both Debbie, and I've enjoyed every one of these photos, thank you :)

  10. What a sweetheart you have. You and your guy are a great example of the way married life should be.

    It is also good to see the true beauty of New Jersey. If it weren't for you I might think The Garden State was a combination of seedy reality show and George Washington crossing the frozen Delaware river. Of course if you believed only the common knowledge of Idaho you'd think it was wall-to-wall potato fields and skinheads shooting at everybody. It's good to get a few other points of view before making blanket assumptions.

  11. Beautiful shots. Hold on to that Hubs of yours, he's a keeper!

  12. I think that's the sweetest thing I ever heard. Buying you shells to find on the beach! :)

  13. Sounds like a lovely day! What a nice gesture with the shells.

  14. Reading your delightful posts always make me feel so good! Chuck is a star! How lucky you are. The shells he purchased for you are so delicate and lovely. Pier Village looks like a beautiful place to visit. Great happy couple photo and absolutely stunning final two images. Your photographs are absolutely fabulous!

  15. Your Chuck is a keeper...but then you already know that! :D Beautiful shots, Deb, that last one is just really, really gorgeous!

  16. Oh, my, I love that first shot of the bridge, plus the sunset pics...just wonderful.

  17. Oh you take such nice trips and then you have such pretty pictures to share. I think that is so funny that he bought those shells.
    I bet you were overjoyed with your find.

  18. Just beautiful Debbie, and what a sweet hubby you have!

  19. Hi Debbie...What a your a lucky women !!
    The shell story is just to darn funny and cute!! : }}
    The sunset shots are gorgeous!!


  20. Too sweet,love the shell story that would of made me cry tears of happiness of course.

  21. Smiles are contagious - a smile escaped my lips. This is a post filled with various different kind of Beauties.


  22. Great shots! I love those reflections!

  23. That is one creative and adorable guy you've got there! (but you know that!!) And I have become obsessed with reflections and photography lately ~ love the bridge on the water! Must say, that last is my fave....might start a new silhouette obsession!