Monday, March 7, 2011

The Crocus Are Here!!!!!

spring is near!!!
they're small but they're here.....
and there are lot's more coming!!!

I LOVE the little orange centers!!!
they remind me of buttercups from my childhood!!!!

it's gorgeous outside...
the sun is out and the sky is blue!!!!!

And to the hubs who planted 200 bulbs in the fall, a big thank you, I love you for bringing spring joy to me. We have had a couple of super warm days in the past few weeks, mother nature playing with us, giving us a little taste of whats to come. Personally, I can't wait. But I also want to pause for a minute and remember all the lovely moments of winter, it has been exceptionally beautiful this year. Lot's of snow and ice that provided some gorgeous pictures and very happy moments!!!! I love being snowed in, forced to stay at home and just really enjoy being there. Hot coco with peeps, several pot roasts and gooey butter cakes, oooohhhh the joys of comfort food!!!!!


  1. thank you laura, are you on facebook?? let me know or friend me Debbie Olson Ferguson. xo