Saturday, March 12, 2011

Adventures in Smithville

Today was an absolutely glorious day. Very spur of the moment and because the thermometer said 60 degrees, we decided to take a drive to historic Smithville, New Jersey. Only one hour south, it was great to get out and "air out"!!!!! The sky was blue and the sunlight abundant. So lets get down to the good

the happy couple!!!!!!

by the lake.........

Chuck and I
do you see the rooster to the right????

we ate at the Smithville Inn....
this beautiful sign is made completely of sand.....

can't you just feel the sun?????

sweet potato chips with an AWESOME dipping sauce

I had a chicken salad wrap with everything including frizzled onions
the pasta salad was delish!!!!

Chuck had a burger and fries....doesn't that look great!!!!!

 we split a creme' brulee
this is kind of an action shot, as I forgot to take a picture before we started.
And do you see how Chuck let's me "skim" the sugar off the top,
then he eats the custard part!!!!!

We strolled along the very beautiful lake, took lot's of pictures of the wildlife (which I will share tomorrow) and did a little shopping. There was also a quick stop at a cute little bakery where Chuck got a huge chocolate chip cookie, just to "settle" his stomach. Today, was a very special day!!!!!  


  1. Loved the "action shot" of the dessert... :)

  2. Hi, just found your blog over at Run*A*Round Ranch! Look forward to reading more!