Friday, February 28, 2020

Pt. Pleasant, The Dauntless & The Loons...

This past Sunday, I was at the inlet taking pictures of the Loons
when the Dauntless came in.
No matter how many times I watch this, I still take pictures and find it exciting.

The Dauntless is a "day fishing" boat, 
family owned and operated by Captain Bill who has been in business for over 58 years.

I only saw a few Loons,

the water was choppy and they were difficult to photograph.

The Inlet is right by the boardwalk in Point Pleasant,
it was such a warm day,
we decided to walk up to the boardwalk and see what was open.
I always love seeing the penguin at the Aquarium,
we didn't visit, it was the weekend and I knew it would be crowded.
I would like to go back on a weekday.

A few of the summer games were open.

The Fun House was closed, this Funhouse has been here since I was a child.

There is an area on the boardwalk that is under construction...

isn't it nice that someone painted the plywood barrier.

We ate boardwalk junk food...
sausage sandwiches, french fries and onion rings.
We will have to eat healthy for a month now, maybe two!


  1. The Dauntless is a very nice boat and is almost our age! And so good maintenance!
    Loons ... I don't know this bird?!
    Let's be kids again and go to Fun House 🏡
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Hello, I assume the Dauntless is a charter boat taking people out on the ocean fishing, looks like a nice boat. Great captures of the Loon. The boardwalk/penguin photos are fun. Enjoy your day, have a great weekend!

  3. Such an interesting day! The Dauntless is a beauty. You have spring. I am so envious!

  4. The boat looks so clean and the fun house has wonderful colors but the painted plywood is the best:)

  5. The Dauntless is a beautiful boat.

  6. Beautiful blue sky and water in these photos! You can't complain about a February day like that! And there's nothing wrong with some healthy boardwalk food from time to time. :-)

  7. Ha ha, that is how I feel too when we go out and eat somewhere that the food you know doesn't have one bit of anything healthy in it :) But you just have to do it every once in awhile, it's all part of the atmosphere :)
    Wow the water was choppy wasn't it, I get motion sickness so that would not have been a good day for me to go out on a boat, but so neat that they have been doing that for so many years!

  8. What a great mix of photographs …

    All the best Jan