Thursday, February 27, 2020

How Can I Help You?

I have noticed a few of my birds have a common eye disease called 
Mycoplasma Conjunctivitis 
also called House Finch Eye Disease

Birds infected with House Finch eye disease have red, swollen, runny or crusty eyes.

In extreme cases, the eyes become swollen shut and the bird becomes blind.

This little lady seems to have a more extreme case, poor baby!
I also saw a male Cardinal infected in the same way.

If any of your birds become infected, 
it is best to take down all of your feeders for one week.
Be sure to wash them well and fill them with new seed when you rehang them.

I, the hubs will jump on that today, it's on his hunny-do list!

I have been working on my new shawl a lot this week, it has really grown, and it is looking quite fine!
We are suppose to have thunderstorms tonight, I hope they wake me up so I can enjoy them.
I love when it rains and I really love a good thunderstorm!


  1. Hello, I feel sorry for those birds. It is best to take down the feeders and wash them out. We are having a windy day, I can hear the chimes on my deck now. Wishing you a great day!

  2. Poor dear little birds! I wish to have the power to heal them!
    Enjoy your day, Debbie!

  3. Thanks for the heads up. I haven't notice any birds with Mycoplasma Conjunctivitis here.

  4. So sad I really have never seen this before. Poor things. Hugs B

  5. I've had a few birds over the years with this problem.

  6. Oh my gosh, I've never heard of this....those poor poor can just see they are suffering. Feel so bad for them.

  7. I've seen it in a lot of finches over the years, but never a cardinal. So far this winter I haven't noticed it at all. Remarkable how they still function!

  8. Oh wow I didn't know they could get that, I will for sure keep an eye out and see if ours are ok, as soon as it gets nicer out I had planned on cleaning the suet feeder that is made out of wood, that always gets bad looking, I should probably get rid of it and just use the ones that are cages that clean up easier.
    That's great the shawl is coming along so well.

  9. Oh no - I've never seen this, but thank you for this information! I will be sure to take a closer look. Ah yes - thunderstorms - love them! When they happen at night, I usually only hear one or two claps of thunder, then go into a deep sleep. I'm not sure what it is, but they knock me out and I get an awesome night's sleep (I may be weird)

  10. I've not seen that … but thanks for sharing the information.

    All the best Jan