Thursday, January 16, 2020

Farm Friends

one of my favorite places to be, 
where friends gather, knitting is welcome, yarn is for sale
and cute
Alpaca wander freely!

On the home page of their website it says...
"Welcome to Arrow Acres Farm"
"We are a family run farm that is located in beautiful Monmouth County, New Jersey,
only minutes from the Atlantic Ocean.
Our Names are Don & Dee Sherman and we own and run Arrow Acres Farm
along with help from our wonderful children and grandchildren".

A wonderful family, beautiful, well cared for happy place!


  1. Hello, Debbie! I love the Alpacas, they are so darn cute! If I lived nearby, it would be my happy place too. Your photos are beautiful. Enjoy your day, have a great weekend ahead!

  2. Here in the Netherlands are also a few farms with alpacas.
    They are very cute animals!

  3. Their wool is so warm. Aren’t they wonderful creatures!

  4. Aren't they all so cute....I know you love to go there.

  5. aw, they're so personable aren't they. No wonder you love visiting there xx

  6. Beautiful and cute alpacas.
    I especially loved the first photo.

  7. Some of those faces just make me smile.

  8. It's always great to see places that take great care of their animals! Love the different colors they have! Love the pic of them laying down!

  9. Oh Debbie,the Alpacas are just so cute and adorable looking - lovely photographs.

    All the best Jan