Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Yarn Along

I have another exciting Yarn Along to share...
two projects finished, that is a hip-hip-horary for me, 
I am so excited to share them with you guys!

The hat I knitted for my niece, to match the one I made for her son Kalmin,
I am so happy with the way it finished up.
It is the February Hat by Kate Gagnon Osbornfree here on Ravelry.
Knitted with yarn from Arrow Acres Alpaca Farm 3 ply DK Alpaca Yarn.

I included this sweet little candle in the box, Honeysuckle, handmade with soy & love,
I thought this was the perfect addition!
Off it went yesterday, mailing it is a must as she lives in North Carolina.

I also finished my sixth and final 
Knitted with Mad Tosh hand dyed yarn,
100% merino wool, dk weight.
- I don't know the color but it reminds me of colorful fall leaves, with a touch of blue sky -

Now I will go back to knitting my Irish Hiking Scarf, 
I hope I can remember how to knit those cables!


  1. The hat and the candle are wonderful
    I also really liked the Neapolitan Cowl, the color are so beautiful.
    Hugs and all the best

  2. You make such beautiful things.....

  3. Beautiful items and the love you poured into them makes them extra special.

  4. Your knitting is so neat! Not only am I impressed with the stitches but you choose such pretty colors. Your niece will love these gifts you send.

  5. Both garments are very good. Now I am looking forward to see the Irish one Debbie.

  6. Your hat is amazing! I love it. The colors are perfect. The cowlis also very cool. I wish I could knit. Great projects.

  7. Oh that hat is too cute, love the fluff on top you added too, I bet she was thrilled to have a surprise with the candle too! Wow and you even finished a cowl too, such pretty colors in it! you are on a roll this week getting projects finished :)

  8. Lovely work Debbie :)

    All the best Jan