Friday, September 20, 2019

Saying Goodbye To Summer

I love summer, but alas it is time to say goodbye to summer for another year.
Time to close the pool, 
pack up the patio furniture, and clean out the gardens.
It's so sad to look outside from my desk and see the cover on the pool,
to see my potted plants and vegetables dying off.
The groundhog still visits every day, he is still enjoying the foliage on the dying
cucumbers, vegetables and my dill.
We had to cover the dill again, 
we have at least 10 more caterpillars and at least as many eggs on the dill.
That means, 
it's going to be a full house in the butterfly cages this winter.

We did pretty well on the summer bucket list, 
and even though we didn't get to everything, that is never the goal. 
The goal is to have fun and we sure did that!!

Now it's time for this...

The Fall Bucket List
Click on the above link if you are interested in printing one.

awwwww....I am pretty excited to fill this in!


  1. I’m going to try a bucket list this fall, Debbie. Getting it on paper and working through the list will be fun! Thanks for the idea! Good luck with yours, you two!

  2. Hello, you did knock off a lot on your summer bucket list. I am looking forward to seeing what happening in the fall. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy weekend.

  3. It looks as though you were able to cross off a lot of items from your summer bucket list. Happy that you both had a nice summer!
    P.S. You still have time for one more......The Sunflower Event at Holland Ridge runs through October 27th. I'll be there next Thursday with a local Flower Club......can't wait!! Hugs!!

    1. thanks jean...i will be adding it to my fall bucket list, i wouldn't miss it for anything. it was fabulous last year, i think it starts today!!

  4. Yes, definitely time to close things down outside. I promised my potted flowers that I was not watering them again.Guess what happened? We've had an abundance of rain, so these plants are still hanging on.

  5. You did well in your summer bucket list … have fun filling in your fall one :)

    All the best Jan

  6. I'm a big fan of your bucket lists!!! I always mean to do one but I seldom get to it. Thanks for the link. When I get home I will print one out!

  7. I love that you two have seasonal bucket lists!
    I have seen Wood Ducks, but never one with that bright blue plumage. He is a handsome one.

  8. You did great with your bucket list! And like you said, it’s most important to just have fun. It looks as though you did!

  9. Looks like you had a full summer, and at least you have a few to start your summer list off next year :) It will be fun filling in your fall to do list!

  10. Well, I hope to still be around to see y'all eating breakfast on a ferris wheel. hahahaha


  11. Every year, I marvel at all the fun things you do from your bucket list. You do have some lovely adventures. I enjoy them all.
    I will look forward to your fall and winter ones too.
    Big hugs for you two!