Thursday, December 21, 2017

Waiting For Santa!!

We wait for Santa to arrive on the firetruck at my niece Dean-na's house.
He comes the weekend before Christmas, 
and the kids are always so excited to see him.
While we wait, we bake Christmas cookies and decorate gingerbread houses.
It is a super fun time.
Dean-na is mom to my two great nieces, Addie & Lorelei 
and my niece Sarah was there too, she is mom to my only great nephew Anthony.

Dean-na does not own a rolling pin...

so the girls let us borrow theirs.
Much to our surprise, it worked like a charm!

The pictures tell the story, 
Dean-na and Anthony's home is the best place in which to celebrate anything,
everything is so relaxed and fun.
This is one of my favorite nights of the year!


  1. This looks like so much fun! The kids look as though they enjoy the visit from Santa!

  2. Hello, I think the kiddies enjoyed Santa's visit and presents already? That is cool! The gingerbread house and cookies look wonderful. Adorable photos. Enjoy your day and weekend.

  3. Lots of fun and lots of memories! The kids obviously had a great time, as I'm sure you did, too!

  4. How cute those kids are and especially the redhead!

  5. I bet,It looks like fun. What sweet kids. I am so glad you had a nice time.

  6. What a wonderful time.... love those sweet smiles!

  7. Such a beautiful gift for the girls; Santa!

    Looks like so much fun, and I use the same rolling pin. LOL


  8. Time around children is special indeed! It looks like a fun time!

  9. Happy Merry Debbie! Reed is so concerned Santa won't be able to get into the new house because it doesn't have a woodstove. I told him Santa's magic and will figure something out. (And I will leave a window cracked.)

    Stay warm, keep knitting (it's looking AWESOME over there).

    Much love,
    Andrea @ This Knitted Life

  10. The smiles on those sweet little faces are priceless.

  11. how fun, it is so neat to see it through a child's eye :)

  12. Oh those little ones are so adorable. I loved all the precious photos Santa and the children and the sugar cookies looked yummy. I can see why its one of your favorite traditions for this wondrous season. Blessings and hugs!

  13. The pictures do tell the story...

    All the best Jan

  14. Oh, those sweet children. Such fun to be had there.