Friday, December 15, 2017

The Winter Bucket List

December 21st is the official first day of Winter.
But once the Winter Bucket List is written and up on the frig,
it's officially Winter around here.

Here it off the press,
I prepared it several weeks ago.

Here it is today, we have already crossed 8 fun things off.

This is my favorite Christmas is hand painted and at least 32 years old.
When my boys were little,
we counted down the days till Christmas every year on this very chalkboard.
Ten days until Christmas, tomorrow starts single digits.

We took a wonderful Christmas trip to Pennsylvania,
the decorations were beautiful!!


  1. What a great countdown to Christmas, a tradition for years and years and years. You and hubby look so cute in front of all those poinsettas. Merry Christmas, girl!

  2. Hello, pretty shot of you and hubby at Hershey! The tree is beautiful. You are doing good at crossing off things on your bucket list. I am looking for a good crock pot meal to make. I love your chalkboard countdown, very cute. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. It is interesting to see your list. Mine is in my head but similar events are there. That poinsettia tree behind you is gorgeous. Great photo of you two, Debbie.

  4. The Aussies consider Dec 01 to be the first day of summer in their case. I don't know why we wait for the actual solstice whereupon the sun starts getting closer to us.

  5. Hope you get to cross all those items off your list.

  6. It's not even winter, yet, and you've made a good start on your bucket list! That's awesome, and I know you'll have fun crossing off the rest of your list, too.

  7. I love your seasonal lists, such ambition!

  8. Already making good progress! That's a really nice snowman and it looks great for being that old!

  9. The decorations in Pennsylvania aren't the only things that are beautiful! You and your husband make a beautiful couple!
    It will only be 6 days until Christmas when we get home from the ranch. 5 days really, since we are having the family gathering to celebrate on Christmas Eve! I'm cutting it pretty close this time. Still have Texas Trash and Sugarplums to make!

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  11. Looks like you are making a dent in that winter bucket list! Great job....enjoy.

  12. My dear friend the photo of the two of you in front of the poinsettias tree is specatacular. I really love your red sweaters. Your Snowman Christmas decoration for counting the days is adorable and must be such a treasure. Of course, your bucket list looks so fun and you have been busy doing them and marking them off. I l love how fun and adventurous you are. Sending Merry Christmas thoughts your way; hugs~

  13. I love your 32 year old decoration Debbie

  14. Just love you last photograph of the two of you ...
    Very special.

    All the best Jan