Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What I'm Crushin' On

This morning I got a lil' distracted reading my own blog.
Entry upon entry about travel - and all the places we visit -
When I started my blog, I never wanted the blog to become one dimensional...
I wanted it to be diverse and fun.
My initial thought was to share with you, the little things that make life enjoyable. 
The little things that make "my" life fun.

We do enjoy traveling, mostly day trips, adventures we can take in the car.
We never have to travel far because we live in New Jersey...the Garden State
and there is always something beautiful to see, or something fun to do.
Getting back on topic...
here's what I have been crushin' on lately...

Beautiful Tulips from my garden...

A Birds Nest was a heart, the egg did not cooperate.

The Tulip Garden around my mailbox...
The hubs plants the bulbs every fall, usually on Thanksgiving Day...
I call these my "Spring Surprises".

Homemade Short Ribs on a rainy day...there are no words, 
this is probably one of the best meals I make.

Black Tea...
I had this at IHop and it was really good.

Enough Dill from my Herb Garden...

to make my yummy pasta salad. yummy yarn for more washcloth knitting.

These Hydro Flasks
Gifted to us at Christmas by my niece Emily.
These Flasks are amazing, keeping food hot or drinks cold for 24 hours.
We use them all the time and love them!!

The purple one is mine,
* smile *
~ peeps know me ~


  1. Love this post...especially all the food!

  2. I always love what you love. I like seeing your trips that you and Chuck take and I like all of the goodies you share with us. I always think your photography is just the best. I always love visiting your blog. I wish you could come and cook for me. :) Have a lovely day Debbie.

  3. Fun! Your tulips are absolutely beautiful!

  4. A delightful post, my friend! And now you have my mouth watering thanks to your many food pictures :)

    Happy Wednesday! Hugs to you!

  5. I love this kind of post, Debbie. Variety and a glimpse of your life.

  6. Loving everything about this post -- and what I like about your blog is the combination of travel/adventures and also the joy you take in the everyday ... it's harder to do a post about the latter .... I'm not very good at it (posting about it ... the joy part is easy!)

    I used to make bird nest breakfasts for our kids; had forgotten all about them. Might surprise Bill tomorrow morning. Tho he'd undoubtedly be more thrilled if I gave him the shortribs for dinner.

  7. No matter what your posts are about, Debbie, it is ALWAYS such a pleasure to visit you here. You are always so upbeat and cheerful, and yu visit such wonderful places. To "see" how much you enjoy what you do, is to enjoy the same.
    Thank you!!!

    P.S. Those short ribs look so yummy! :-)

  8. What a fun delightful post Debbie! I'm just now catching up on your posts and love them all!
    Delicious looking meals! You made me sooooo hungry!

  9. Hello, I always enjoy your posts. You do have a great variety going on, just like your crushing things. The tulips around the mailbox are lovely. I have to try that black tea. Your pasta salad looks yummy. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your day!

  10. I forgot about that egg in a blanket thing. I enjoyed it when I tried it.

  11. Hi Debbie, It's been a long time since I last read your blog, but your love of the simple little things came flooding back. How lovely to be surrounded by tulips! They are gorgeous. Thanks for your warmth and positivity.


  12. Ahhh such fancy thermoses! So glad you like them <3 I love your blog posts, it's like a little visit with you that warms my heart :]

  13. This all makes me smile. Short rib recipe share please!??!!!

  14. Your flowers are gorgeous! And the meals look fantastic! Yum!

  15. A lovely post Debbie.
    Meals look delicious and your tulips are gorgeous.

    All the best Jan

  16. You know I LOVE the tulips! I'll say it again, LOVE!

    It's always fun to visit you, Debbie. Every post I've ever read is pure down to earth pleasure.

    So glad I've already eaten tonight, or I'd be jumping through this screen to get at the short rib dinner. Wow!


  17. Your blog and post are just fine but like you I wanted mine to be a bit of this, some of that and more of everything! Sometimes I get stuck on the same type of post till something new comes along! Keep it up. I have enjoyed your trips! Thanks for taking me along. Loving the tulips. I have no tulips in my garden and if I continue to plant, I will need another bed. I have a friend moving so when the iris stop blooming I have some of those coming, Theresa (good friend) is going to give me some oregano and I really need to get some rosemary and basil. My brother will shoot me if he has to cut around anything else....oops....I did wish to tell you that I am so sorry to hear about your MS. Fibro carrys a lot of the same type of issues only....FIBRO will not injury my organs like MS can. Girl, not sure how you travel they way you go. MS is nasty.

  18. I don't even know what short ribs are! Are they beef or pork? Do you make them in the Crock Pot?
    As for the Tulips--magnificent!!!!!

  19. All the pictures look great, but the food ones really make me hungry.

  20. Gorgeous Tuips Debbie andI love your flasks

  21. your tulips took my heart away!!!
    Beautiful and treat to eyes!
    loved each bit of you presentation my friend,salad is delicious for sure as looks inviting!
    and what dish for rainy day .
    your task is accomplished to do a fun blogging

  22. Where you is?
    Just checking in on one of my faves!

  23. You make me smile - and you're never boring. Even your posts about traveling aren't about traveling they're about your life- and you know how to enjoy it!

  24. Your tulips around your mail box are just lovely, how sweet of hubby to give you a lovely surprise for the spring! I have a stainless steel water bottle I use to keep my water nice and cool when we go on our trips, even if you leave it in a hot car the water stays nice and cool, I LOVE it!

  25. Love all your 'crushes' - The meals look delicious and those tulips are wonderful! Such pretty colors of yarn, too. I need a couple of those insulated bottles. I hate luke warm coffee! Hope your weekend is a good one. Hugs xo Karen

  26. You have the prettiest mailbox garden ive ever seen!! Makes me want to do Something to ours! Were still awful busy on getting all the rest of the gardens in and stable tho. Its thezweekend!! Yay!-- yall got any plans?

  27. Your tulips look amazing, all those gorgeous colors.🌷🌷

    I look forward to seeing the dish cloths too, what a fun,quick project.😊

    Have a lovely weekend.🌼

  28. Oh my, your first photo of your tulips is divine. I love the heart toast and all that gorgeous food is making me feel rather peckish!
    Keep up your happy blogging and have a fantastic weekend :)

  29. You certainly have a variety of things you love here. I enjoy you so much. By the way, I do love your traveling blog posts. This was a fun one. The food looked yummy, The flowers gorgeous as always, Lovely colored yarn and it looks so soft. I do love the purple flasks. I think we need to get some of these. We travel about alot and I need water. Hugs~

  30. Oh my gosh your tulips are gorgeous. The "hubs" did a great job.
    The food looks amazing.
    Can you share the pasta salad recipe?

  31. Happy trails. I'm glad I just had my lunch! Yum.