Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Bryant Park - New York City

This is Bryant Park 
a beautiful 9 acre public park located in the New York City borough of Manhattan.
I have never been to the park before visiting on Sunday,
I'm not sure why, it's a beautiful park and a hot spot with New Yorkers for sure.

There is a small green shack/food stand in the park where they sell these waffles...
this was so good, the waffle was so crisp, I might go back just for one of these!!

This is #1 son Scott with his girlfriend Michele...
Scott's not a big fan of pictures - so I was grateful to get just one.

Le Carrousel is located within Bryant Park

Le Carrousel was specially created to complement the park's classical French style.
It has fourteen different animals - replicas of classic carousel creatures 
that revolve to the sounds of French cabaret music.

No pictures were allowed in the theater for 
Beautiful The Carole King Musical
not even this one.
Can you imagine, no pictures even before the show started...
and they were enforcing it...but, I have my ways!

And if you are as lucky as I am...

you will have a lobster dinner at 
Keen's Steakhouse
where they take the lobster out of the shell for you and hand it to you looking like this...
- all the work is done -
And if I must say so myself, they certainly realize the importance of drawn butter.
It comes in a small bowl rather than a tiny cup, huge props to them on that.

This is the last time we will see them before their move to Texas...
saying "see you soon" - that was hard!


  1. Delightful story telling and excellent photos. I like a rebel who breaks the no picture rule.

  2. Such a lovely looking park, and the carousel so colourful. I'm sure the music was good to.

    "This is the last time we will see them before their move to Texas...
    saying "see you soon" that was hard!"
    I'm sure it was.
    As the young flee, or move further away, from the 'home nest' you wish them well, you still worry and think about them ... the bond is always there. I wish them both good luck in all they do.

    You are a naughty girl (or rebel as Andy called you above) but great photo in the theatre and that lobster looks good.

    Happy Wednesday Wishes

    All the best Jan

  3. What fun! I stumbled into a Christmas bazaar in Bryant Park several years ago - such an awesome place! Did you love Beautiful? I saw it in Boston an had so much fun!

  4. Hello, I am glad you were able to have another outing with your son before he left. The park is pretty, I love carousel! Wow, that waffle and the lobster both look yummy. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  5. Such beautiful photos!

    Good luck to your two young people as they head out on a new adventure. You will have to visit!

  6. What delightful photos, my friend, and what a joy to spend time with your son.

    Hugs to you!

  7. Those of us who aren't photogenic (not that Scott isn't), rightfully hide from the lens.

    I'm glad you got the shot.

  8. Love this post and all the pictures...

  9. We never went to that park either when we went to New York. I love that bunny on the carousel, this may be your year of capturing different carousels :) Glad you were able to get a picture of them, I know how hard it is from both sides, when we moved away for the Air Force, leaving my family behind was so hard, and now with my daughter moving all around the country, I see it as a parent too, neither side is good, both are extremely hard, are you already planning a visit?

  10. What an amazing post! Le Carrousel is beautiful! You have such gorgeous adventures and what a blessing you are to share them with us!

  11. Such a beautiful post, Debbie! It's great to see your son, and yes I know how hard it have been saying 'so long'. Is it just me, or does he favor Chuck?

    The carousel - that about took my breath away as I've never seen one that wasn't just the horses. The frog? That made me smile as well.

    Lobster! Oh, how I love it and yes, lots of butter please. :)


  12. Looks like a great time was had!! I love looking at the pics and enjoying NY through your lens! HAHA....I always have to break that no pic rule, cell camera phones are awesome for that!! Thank you for sharing you wonderful time.

  13. Bryant Park is really a neat place, and I just love the carousel, Debbie.
    What a beautiful couple Scott and Michele are!
    I DO understand how hard these goodbyes can be. I remember when my son went off to Boston, and I could have sworn someone was ripping my heart out. Even to this day, it is hard when he comes home to visit, and then has to leave. Always our babies, huh?
    Well, now you have to start making trips to Texas! :-)
    It is a beautiful and very, very interesting state.

  14. Gorgeous photos. What a great time.
    Yes, I know about the camera shy young man... we have one!

  15. Sounds like saying good-bye to our daughter when she moved to B.C. Just a reason for more travel.

  16. Oh dear friend, I do understand how hard it was to say good-by for now. I hated it when I said good-by to our children that live far from us. I am sure you will see them soon. You must plan a trip now. Your Scott and his Michele are a lovely couple. Of course, I loved the Carrousel. I loved the bunnie. The good all looked scrumptious. It looks like it was a fun trip! Blessings and hugs~

  17. Beautiful pics, great waffle and, yes, always hard at that moment of saying goodbye... it never gets easier - and nor should it of course but, anyway, hugs xx

  18. The park looks nice. I enjoyed seeing your shy son & his lady. They make a cute couple. - Wow the carousel was super cool. I love the different animals. I'd ride on the frog.

  19. Beautiful park! I love the rabbit on the carousel!

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