Thursday, April 13, 2017

Starting With Seeds...

It's that time of year again
- Spring -  
time to start my little garden...

I like to begin my plants for Summer indoors, with seeds, I find it to be so much more rewarding.

I had jiffy pots leftover from last year, they are all natural, made of peat moss. 
The new plants can be planted directly in to the ground without removing them from the pots.

I purchased a new bag of Organic Seed Starter mix.

The hubs has a sweet tooth, good thing, 
I recycle the disposable cupcake trays from the bakery, they work really well.

I planted 3 different kinds of tomatoes,

cucumbers and peppers.
When I first plant my seeds, I spray/mist them and keep them just moist.

I will plant the squash directly in the ground, after the last freeze.

Since the kitchen was a dirty mess anyway,
I trimmed up/cleaned up the herbs that I planted over the Winter.

The dill and basil were a huge hit...
the parsley was a big miss, I think I have been overwatering it!
I have enough dill to make a big bowl of our favorite pasta salad,
that's on the list for tomorrow.

So what about you guys, have you started planting your Summer garden?


  1. I love watching all the things that you get done! I'm replanting flowers in my head right now - my garden needs some serious attention...

  2. I don't have room to do seed starters. I don't have room outside to have a veggie garden. I just plant Zinnia seeds in May and get annuals from the garden center to put in my porch pots.

  3. Fun time of the year right, and even better once your little delicious garden begins to offer all the gifts! So many girls at work are saying, just pot planting this year! It's a continuing trend!

  4. I would have never thought of the cupcake containers. What a great idea. Starting tomorrow, we will be getting things planted. I am so excited. I know what a great green thumb you have Debbie. It looks like just fun.
    Have a great day.

  5. I started mine last weekend when we had such beautiful weather (I just had to plant something!!). What I didn't expect is that they started sprouting 2 days later!! It will be several weeks before they can go outside, so I really hope hey slow down a bit.
    I love the idea of the cupcake trays, Debbie.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. You little smarty! I love this post, and it encourages me to get moving along those lines. Of course, like the past I'm hoping the grasshoppers don't decide to visit; those little buggers love to eat whatever I plant. What really hurts the most is when they destroy the roses. ugh


  7. wow....lady you are getting with it. I love it. Me= equals no food garden! :)..... I do the flowers and I usually do them with plants. I do have some seeds I need to put out that a friend gave me. I was thinking about doing that earlier today but since I got up so early, I took a nap instead! Can't wait to see how your plants do and when the garden gets going good. I do put out a mater plant or two but I put them out among my flowers. Can't wait for a good tomate......yummy. And I am with hubs, sweets!

  8. I can't wait to get started, Debbie!

  9. Knowing you and your green thumb you'll be covered up in veggies later this summer!

  10. We are still freezing off and on here as far as planting outside. I love your tutorial on planting the seeds indoors. It looks easy enough I could actually do this one. You are so inspiring. You are blessed with a green thumb. Blessings and hugs~

  11. Looks like a perfect list for this summer!

  12. How fun to get them going, those bakery trays are like they were made just for using with these pots, great idea!!

  13. You are far more into vegetable gardening them I am, it's easier to go to the Farmer's Market here for me. I give you huge props for starting from seed.

  14. Good work! I thought about doing this... :-)
    I've seen ideas, such as using half a toilet paper roll, as well!

  15. Growing indoor herbs is such fun and a boon when cooking!
    I love dill and basil, plus quite a few others too!

    You've been busy may all your seeds grow well ...

    All the best Jan