Sunday, April 30, 2017

E.C. Cherry Blossom Festival

Last weekend was the perfect weekend to visit
About a one hour drive from home, the flowering Cherry Blossom Trees were magnificent.
More than 4,000 Cherry Blossom Trees are on display
and fill Branch Brook Park with shade and color.
This display is bigger, more diverse and more colorful than the one in Washington, D.C.

These are Double Blossom Cherry Blossoms

This amazing festival had everything...
Music, live entertainment, crafters, family activities, live animals and plenty of yummy food.

You have to love all the "low calorie" food offered at these festivals.
We shared a "chipstick - potato on a stick"
which is basically a baking potato, sliced - on a stick - then deep fried.
Seasonings are added as soon as it comes out of the deep fryer.
We choose sour cream and chive...


Sunday, April 23, 2017


  1. That looks so fun!! We love events like this and wow love those double blooms!!---they are so pretty and so fluffy. I think you should make a collage of the pictures of yall and the blooms and enlarge it to an 8x10 or bigger----frame it and put it up!!! Really great photos-- glad yall got to go! Whats the temps there--- its pretty hot Here and weve had to turn on the air

  2. W😍W Thank you, thank you very much, Debbie for sharing your cute pics. The trees are beautiful. It is wonderful to visit these events
    I wish you a good Sunday😘

  3. Blossom time is special and extra special in that place.

  4. Oh, how divine are those Cherry Blossoms. They are just spectacular. Love the photos of you and your husband. You both seem to always have so much fun!

  5. Oh goodness, I think I'll just stay here all day. Such beauty not to be seen around here; of course I don't usually drive much more than a block. :)


  6. Beyond beautiful! Really, cherry blossoms are magical somehow. What a fun festival...I've never heard of that particular festival food item...and it looks delicious. Everyone knows there are no calories in food consumed at an outdoor event!

  7. WOW! Those blossoms are gorgeous.

  8. Spectacular blooms and potato. An unusual but great combination.

  9. The cherry blossoms are gorgeous, Debbie, and that potato?? Oh my goodness, YUM!!!!

  10. The blossoms are magnificent, especially the double blooms.
    Great photo's of you and the hubs too.

    All the best Jan

  11. Wow, those trees are fabulous!! I am not sure that I have ever seen Cherry Blossoms before ever. I guess that I have something to add to my bucket list.

  12. I have never seen a 'chipstick'! Blossoms are nice too!

  13. I know I would love that Chip-Stick.
    How magnificent those spring flowering tree are and the wild flowers growing in the wooded area.
    I love this time of year.

  14. Gorgeous Cherry Blossoms Debbie... quite breathtaking, can imagine the 'clickin'g going on Love your self pics as well :D)

  15. Great photos of you and hubby. Looks like you both had fun. I love cherry blossom trees, such pretty flowers on them. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Well - I was going to say that I love the photo of you and Chuck with all those blossoms over your heads (and I do), but then you got me with that potato stick thing - ummmm yummmm!

  17. oh, i just love cherry blossoms.
    since i was a little girl, they were my favorite. (mostly because they were pink. but you know.)
    thank you for sharing these photos...they are so sweet!

    what beautiful nature.
    what beautiful creature.
    what a beautiful world we were given.


  18. The cherry blossoms are a spectacular sight and your tasty treat does look very yummy!
    Have a wonderful month of May :)

  19. What beautiful trees Debbie. I love that potato on a stick! I love how huge those cherry trees are.
    Have a great day today Debbie.

  20. Breathtaking beauty! And the food looks delicious!

  21. Beautiful pictures of the flowering trees, I love the one with the sun shining through the flowers, just gorgeous. Great pics of you and the hubs too :) I haven't seen those potatoes on a stick, looks like we need to attend a few more festivals :)

  22. Wow. I can even almost smell them too! They are tremendous, we're a bit behind with winter trying to hang on here. But there are more buds coming. Much hope here!

  23. you know I have never had one of those potato chip sticks, they look delicious!! maybe one day. are you suppose to like dip them in ketchup like a fry? they almost look similar to a carnation ... what gorgeous blooms!! so fun, you would so want your nose to be smelling good too and pretty! ( ;

  24. It looks like such a fun festival. I love the photo of the double cherry blossoms. All the photos are lovely. Of course, as always I like the ones of you and that hubby of yours. I love your beautiful scarf too. The good looks so yummy and of course, low cal. Smiles and hugs for you two!