Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Darby Smart!!

I am still receiving the once per month Darby Smart craft kits.
I have enjoyed all of them but I have gotten a little behind,
they are piling up...
and I finally have time to catch up.

Today, I am sharing my December craft kit and now that it is finished,
I will save it for a gift for next Christmas!!

Here are the supplies, we are making a snow globe.

Directions are found on-line,

easy to follow,

everything you need is included.

Snowflake stickers were included for the outside of the globe,

Penguins and a Christmas Tree the theme,
glued into place...

fill the jar with water, 
stars and silver "snow" sequins...

Seal the jar with the lid and add a pretty red ribbon which was included.

Also included, a lil somethin', somethin' extra...which they usually do,
10 adorable gift tags,
for next year!!
You could surely recreate this without needing a kit!!

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  1. So pretty and festive! I remember making snow globes with a baby food jar and glitter!

  2. That is so adorable! Great idea for a homemade gift!

  3. That is just the cutest thing, Debbie! I love it. :)


  4. Really great idea - I pinned it...for 4-H idea for "my" Cloverbuds

  5. That's cute, Debbie. I'd never be able to keep up, I'm sure.

  6. That's cute, Debbie. I'd never be able to keep up, I'm sure.

  7. I love this Debbie!
    Someone will be very happy with this at Christmas.

  8. Hi Debbie, that will be a cute gift. I love the penguins. Enjoy your day!

  9. A snowglobe with penguins...adorable! These Darby Smart projects are simply fabulous :) Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs!

  10. Penguins are always adorable.
    Keep it safe 'til Christmas - that will be a lovely gift.

    All the best Jan

  11. Debbie, that's just the cutest thing. I know you must have loved putting it together. And, somebody's gonna love it next Christmas.

  12. That's adorable! Something sweet to unpack for next year! xx Karen

  13. Wow, that is a very fun one! It looks simple so I could possibly do it. Thanks for sharing your projects; I always enjoy them. Blessings and hugs~

  14. that is a very cute project and so nice you already have a gift ready for this year.

  15. That is a wonderful snow globe and someone will be happy next Christmas.

  16. Like Cathy, I too have made the little snow globes out of baby food jars.
    With my kids--back in the olden days. :-)
    Fun times.

  17. That turned out cute. Love the penguins.