Friday, March 18, 2016

Preparing For Spring...

Last week we had 3 consecutive days with temperatures close to 80 degrees.
Under those circumstances, needing to be in the gardens, is a feeling that cannot be controlled...
The calendar says it's way to early to begin but everything outside is starting to bud
and the joy of gardening pulls me outside. 

I do the easy stuff, whatever can be done sitting on one's rump.
I prune, I weed and I "fluff up" last years mulch,
what's left of it anyway.
And on a side note, where does all that mulch go? We have an acre of land, way too many gardens,
but truckloads of mulch come in the Spring, it is beautifully placed among the landscape,
then by the following Spring, it is just about gone.
Where it goes, 
has always been a mystery to me.

This was "my" garden to work on.
The blank area in the front has maybe 8 daylilies that line the path.
They are just starting to pop out of the earth.

At the end of that garden, is my Rock Garden.
I started this project in 2010 during a trip to Cape May.
Every time I go somewhere special, I pick up a rock for my garden.
I generally forget but when I remember,
I bring the rock home, write where it came from and the date, usually on the bottom.
Then I use decoupage to seal it before adding it to the garden.

I went back outside this morning, to show you just how big the daylilies have gotten.

The Easter Flag is up...

the bunnies and Spring Wreath are in place...

the birds have already found it and started a nest.


The yard looks beautiful...
leaves and sticks have been raked and cleaned up. 
All the weeding is done, the gardens are spruced up and Spring bulbs are popping up everywhere.
These are wonderful little surprises for me,
as the hubs plants them in the fall, so I don't really know what's coming,
or where they will pop through the earth.

I should have taken pictures before we started.
We had help, the hubs has a friend that comes and for just a few bucks,
helps us clean the place up.
All the gardens are now cleaned and weeded, and everything that needed pruning is pruned!
The yard is looking pretty darn amazing!!


  1. It all looks so pretty Debbie and I love your spring welcome at the front door! Everything is fairly bursting out of the ground - its so exciting!

  2. Good morning, Debbie! Your gardens and yard look beautiful. I love the Easter decor too. The bunny flag is adorable. I heard we could have a couple inches of snow Sat into Sun, winter is not over yet. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. Your yard is looking pretty darn amazing, Debbie!! How exciting to see all those lovely bulbs beginning to pop up. Soon it will be a sea of glorious Spring colour. Your porch looks wonderful, welcoming Easter. Love your Bunny flag.

  4. Hello Debbie - your Easter Flag and decor look lovely, what a nice welcome.

    Your yard / garden looks a treat, Spring is such a wonderful season.
    I do like your idea of picking up a rock for my garden, and writing on it where it's come from ...

    Happy Friday Wishes

    All the best Jan

  5. really nice. :) i mowed my yard yesterday.

  6. ahh...I'l remind Dina it's time for the Easter flag.

  7. Hi Debbie - Your yard is certainly beautiful!! I don't do many flowers, so seeing yours is special!

  8. Your yard looks great! I wonder about the mulch too. We've brought in loads, and then it's gone. LOL

  9. Oh wow! You are so much further ahead than we are here.Spring is an exciting time.

  10. I agree! Your yard is pretty darn amazing and ready for spring.

  11. Your yard looks great Debbie and I love all the pretty decorative touches around your home.

  12. Everything looks so pretty and inviting, my friend. I just love the sweet bunny theme :) Happy weekend! Hugs!

  13. I'll give you many awesome pieces of rock if you visit me one day.

  14. You take the most beautiful photos. Just looking at them makes me remember that feeling of spring again.

  15. Beautiful garden you have. Looking forward to see the spring blooms. Lovely wreath and Easter decorations.

  16. Very pretty, you sure are ready too. I was planning to do the same tomorrow here, but old man winter brought us a new blanket of snow. So sad. Peter Rabbit is worried too!

  17. Flowers are beautiful when they leave. Debbie ;)

  18. Debbie, your yard looks just beautiful!
    Hmmmm, how come your weather this week did not travel north just a bit???
    We had gloom almost all week, and now it is REALLY cold.
    My poor crocus are wondering what is going on!!

  19. I love the Easter flag! I should get one!

  20. It looks so pretty and so springy! Love your flag!

  21. It looks wonderful, isn't it funny how much the mulch deteriorates and just becomes part of the soil, we are thinking of going with more rock instead of the gravel but like I told my hubby we did that around the area we have around the mail box and all that happens is the rocks sink into the soil every time we get a hard rain. I just love this time of year watching all the new plants sprout up. So nice you have someone to come and help with it all. Isn't it great to be able to get outside after the cold winter :) I love your rock idea, we only have a couple so I can remember where they came from :)