Thursday, November 12, 2015

Good Fences ~ Edition 86 ~

On Sunday I had a chance to visit one of my favorite places...
It's one of my favorite places to visit for so many reasons.
It's a farm, I love that rural, farm feeling,
they have Alpaca, 
my favorite animal in the entire world,
and the family that owns the farm is amazing!!
The Alpaca are beautiful and so well loved and cared for.

Leanne's son Chase took me for a walk around the farm,
I wanted to find Maggie.

 This is Maggie, one of my favorite girls.

 She was so happy to see me and did not want to stay behind the fence.

 But she was so happy to pose for pictures!!

 I always enjoy seeing my matching girls...

 Chase knew who this was but I can't remember the name.

Two grown ups, two teens!!

 There was a photographer on the farm taking pictures,
in this beautiful red truck...

Chase and I watched for a few minutes,
this family's holiday pictures are going to be awesome.

This is one of the newer areas they built for the Alpaca's.
This is the view as I leave the farm.
My heart always feels a little fuller as we pull away!!

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  1. Ah! A place that makes you feel so much better when you leave than when you first arrived. It doesn't get much better than that!

  2. Those critters are much prettier at a distance, huh. Love that truck.

  3. Hello Debbie, I love these cute alpacas too. They are adorable animals. I can why you love to visit this farm, I would not want to leave. Great fence photos. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  4. love the muzzle stuffed into the fence square. :)

  5. I can see why you love visiting there so much! It is a wonderful place with so many cute alpaca! I need to cuddle one!
    They have it well fenced and well kept!
    Have a great day!

  6. What a cool place to have family photos taken! Love Maggie's sweet smile! You would have loved being at the Cochabamba market with me, for all the alpaca. (Back when the earth was young. Lol)

  7. What a cool place to have family photos taken! Love Maggie's sweet smile! You would have loved being at the Cochabamba market with me, for all the alpaca. (Back when the earth was young. Lol)

  8. A fabulous place to take the family. These animals are so cute. I love them

  9. Debbie ~ what beautiful photos and so loving of the alpacas ~ I would love this place too!

    Happy weekend coming to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  10. I love when you post pictures of that Alpaca farm too. What lovely pictures they are going to have with that truck. I think it is so nice to see Maggie, since she has such pretty wool. I am glad you and Maggie are friends. I would want go there for sure if I ever made it to New Jersey.

  11. Those alpacas! The photos make me want to reach out and touch them.

  12. Those are going to be some photos for them, great idea. I just adore Maggie's face she's a doll!

  13. Oh, Debbie!

    Those are some awesome photo's, and Maggie is so cute. No wonder you love her. :)


  14. Those Alpaca's are lovely. That brown is like Teddy bear fur of one of my pretend Teddy's I own.

  15. LOL! Awesome! They're such fuzzy critters and their faces make me laugh!

  16. It's such a lovely looking farm and I must say the Alpaca are so cute. I bet that would be a fun place for a holiday photo shoot.

  17. Love those buck teeth on that Alpaca!

  18. Such beautiful animals! Fun to see.

  19. Maggie has such beautiful eyes! And that hair-do is really something! Looks like a fun day. Love the idea of the old truck photo shoot :)

  20. Hello Debbie!:) Such gorgeous photos! I would also go back to see them time and again.Their coats are lovely, and it really is a treat to see them so well cared for.

  21. They're wonderful animals. We have a few lamas on farms here but I've not run across any alpaca. I know they're extremely valuable!

  22. These are such beautiful animals. I've never been up close to this breed at all, I must try and do this.
    Maggie is lovely, and looks so happy too.

    All the best Jan

  23. I think Maggie is adorable. All of the animal's fur looks so soft; I would love to pet one. I love farms but that is because my Dad was a farmer and rancher. Farms bring back sweet memories.
    Blessings and hugs!

  24. I love the pic of him sticking his nose through the fence. That is a great backdrop for a family photo, LOVE it! I like how fluffy those brown/reddish ones are. Glad you have a place to go and have such great good feelings after!