Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Day After...

When we woke up on Saturday, the rain had stopped,
the sky was blue, the sun was out,
the temperatures had dropped and it was a gorgeous day!!
Everyone had a plan.
My sister and her daughter went to the beach,
it was a perfect beach day.
Mom and her sister spent some quiet time alone,
and the hubs and I did what we always do,
a bike ride and a few farmers markets visits to get some good stuff
for our family dinner.
Dinner was at mom's and it was "delicious"!!
After dinner, we headed to the Asbury Park Boardwalk...
 Here we are, my niece Sarah, my sister Kathy, me and my niece Stephanie.
I adore these girls!!

 There were boardwalk sausage sandwiches...

  and fireworks...

lots and lots of fireworks!!
ohhhhh and traffic, there was lots of that too!
But for me,
it was an awesome evening...
I Love Fireworks and I Love The Jersey Shore in Summer!

July 5, 2014


  1. Good morning!
    It's so nice to spend time with family, isn't it? This sandwich looks delicious and I like your fireworks too. We only saw ours from afar so as to avoid the...
    traffic. ;)

  2. You have a lovely family and my that sandwich looks good!!

  3. What a nice time and you have a lovely family. What a yummy looking sandwich.

  4. that sounds like a perfect independence weekend celebration!

  5. What a wonderful time you had, Debbie, and how fortunate you were to be able to spend the 4th with your family.

  6. Perfect boardwalk evening!! I'd love me some fireworks at the Jersey Shore!!

  7. Nothing beats the Jersey shore!! Glad you had such fun family times!!

  8. What a lovely family you have Debbie!And,oh,that sausage sandwiche looks so delicious...
    Mmmm,i love onions!!Gorgeous pictures of the fireworks too!!
    I really enjoyed your post!

  9. Your family photos exude so much joy. Glad you had a great time with family. Now I've got to try to get that image of the sausage sandwich out of my head! I'm supposed to be watching my waistline this week.

  10. Fun, fun, fun! Family, food and fireworks, even a parade. You guys know how to celebrate!!

  11. I really like your family photos! Nice family!

  12. Great shot of you and the girls! The sandwich looks yummy! Nice job with the fireworks!

  13. Debbie, I love the shot of you, your sister and the nieces.. The fireworks are awesome.. So glad you had a happy time.. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  14. The fireworks look majestic! Enjoyed the photos!

  15. Oh I LOVE you sharing the "I Love Fireworks and I Love The Jersey Shore in Summer!" good times with me too. Love the happy family pic. Hug B

  16. Sounds like a perfect time!

  17. What a wonderful day! I love the photo of you and your sister and nieces. And you caught some spectacular shots of the fireworks! Mine are never that good. :-)

  18. Fun and family....the best combination for a great weekend!!!

  19. wow, Debbie - great shots of the firework show. gorgeous - i love fireworks. but they do scare me at times. ( :