Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Hershey Gardens...

As you know we were in Hershey for our anniversary.
Lets take a walk through the very beautiful Hershey Gardens!!
 There is a Butterfly House and Children's Garden as well.

 My Butterfly Bench is still here,
vacant and waiting for me to sit, relax and pose for a picture.

   I always think of this as "me"!

 Gorgeous blooms are everywhere.

 This is the Spa-tacular Garden...
A tub filled with plants used for lotions, fragrances and sponges.

  I just had to try on the "rock slippers"...
and because he can not be left out of anything,
the hubs did as well.
They are not comfortable (smile)!!

 Beautiful yellow blooms are everywhere...

 A heart shaped pond in the Children's Garden...
(Sharing this pretty heart shaped pond image with Clytie at Random Hearts)

is the perfect place for a picture of the "sweet" couple. 
 Over the years, we have always taken a picture at this spot.
This Art Exhibit called Four Surreal Seasons was really beautiful.

 These very unique art pieces were created by the students at the
Pennsylvania College of Art & Design


It was a little hot on this day, so we were not able to view everything.
But that's o.k., the Hotel Hershey provides free tickets
for the gardens and we enjoyed the time we spent here.
And I did spend a lot of time in the Butterfly House,
that was my favorite on Friday & Saturday!
June 26, 2014


  1. Wow ! What a gorgeous place to visit! I am delighted with the beauty of flowers and garden ornaments especially fountain, flower pot in the shape of the shoe.
    Debbie, you look like a butterfly :)
    Have a nice day :)

  2. That garden had 'Debbie" written all over it!!! Love the butterfly chair, and you look more comfortable in flip-flops!!! So glad you're having fun!!!

  3. That is a place that has been on my bucket list. I have wanted to go all of my life I think. I think it started out just because of M&Ms. I love that butterfly bench and I love both of you and Chuck wearing those rock shoes.
    I always love the butterfly garden.
    Your pictures are just lovely.

  4. Oh I would be in heaven"! It is all beautiful....Happy Anniversary! Have a wonderful holiday weekend! B.

  5. What a beautiful place to visit Debbie!!The tub with the flowers what a clever idea!I also like the butterfly chair!!Such preety flowers!!Wonderful pictures!!

  6. Stunning photos Debbie, this is now on my bucket list. The one of you and hubs are always favorites. Thank you my friend and have a great day.

  7. What a beautiful garden, thanks for taking us along with you.

  8. so fun. i love the stone slippers. so neat!! what a great idea for a garden. we are all kids at heart. i love butterfly chair. ( :

  9. neat art in the garden and i liked the fountain, too.

    (had to remember to come find your blog post today.) :)

  10. What great photos these are, Debbie.
    I just love the boot planter!

  11. Awe, Happy Anniversary!!! Your photos make me want to head to Hershey for a vacation. I love the stone slippers.

  12. Lovely! It looks like a place where you fit in perfectly--beautiful and full of life. Those rock slippers made me laugh. :-)

  13. That's a beautiful place! Love the bench! Too cool!

  14. Now is there any chocolate there? I so loved all of the pictures. I especially loved the ones of you and your hubby with the stone slippers.
    You have certainly captured a lot of beauty in this post.
    Blessings and hugs; I loved it all~

  15. I adore this place! Thank you so much for posting. I think I'd like to have that butterfly chair in my garden...and that heart pool is wonderful! I'd like to have THAT in my garden, too! Happy Guest Heart Thursday!

  16. I never knew that the Gardens were there, everytime I've gone to Hershey, it was for the amusement park.

  17. You are always going to the prettiest places!!