Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I Love New Jersey!!

We are The Garden State...
we grow and sell the most amazing produce...
often picked and sold on the very same day.
Our beaches are the very best on the east coast.
We have the most amazing restaurants, boardwalks, shopping,
and unique stores like only a seaside community can.
We have Asbury Park, The Stone Pony and The Wonder Bar...
we have "Bruce"!!
We have Ocean Grove and the historic Auditorium,
Long Beach Island, Cape May, Smithville and Wildwood.
On any given night, you have too many choices of what to do!!

Every Wednesday night,
 a bonfire on the beach in Asbury Park.

 Thursday Night concerts in my own home town...

 followed by fireworks,

 lots of them...

with beautiful patriotic music playing in the background!!
If you want to catch a movie, skip the theater...

and catch a flick on the we are in Spring Lake.
Everything pictured here was free.
We have the best Bike Paths, Live Music, Art, Entertainment...
Arcades, The Aquarium, Paddle Boats, Water Sports, Museums...
and the freshest seafood you have ever eaten.
The Jersey Shore has everything...
I am so lucky to live here, where everyone else comes to vacation.


  1. We spent time every summer on Long Beach Island when I was growing up! Such a gift to love where we live - and to whole heartedly participate in all that's around us! You are the Jersey Poster Gal!

  2. Wow! The bonfire looks impressive! I don't think I've ever seen a bonfire of such a big fire of stacked (!) firewood... Here the big bonfires are from burn piles we or farmers burn or vacant buildings burned with help from the volunteer fire department; those are impressive, but different! Also awesome that there are concerts once a week! The firework photos are great!

  3. Debbie, have you started a one-woman campaign to get me to move back there?
    They should grab you to do commercials. Really!
    And the neat thing about NJ is that all that beauty and fun is in easy driving distance since it's a small state (geographically speaking only)!

  4. I've never been to Jersey but I've always wanted to go. the bonfire looks awesome, and ahhh lovely to spend a few days of summer there!!

  5. You really are lucky livivng in New Jersey Debbie!I wish i could visit it one day!Great pictures!Awesome images!!

  6. I think it is truly such a fortunate thing, when you live in a place that you love!

  7. Oh I love this! As a fellow Jersey Girl, I agree wholeheartedly!

  8. oh wow, i had no idea jersey was such a cool state! we've only been across the border and ate at a diner but didn't get have time for of these days!

  9. How nice and I would love to visit and I love that so many of those things are free. It would be fun every night.
    I like that bonfire.

  10. Okay, that does it!

    I'm moving! :)

  11. Glad you love it there! Too many people dislike where they live.

  12. That looks like so much fun. You are indeed very fortunate. :)

  13. Two thumbs up for New Jersey! You forgot to mention how awesome it is that they pump the gas for one and all.

  14. Debbie,you are lucky to live there.. And now you have tons of people wanting to move there, LOL! Just a few of my favorite things, BRUCE, Cape May and the beach! Love the post and the photos..Have a great evening!

  15. I must say you are blessed to live in such a fantastic place. I will hope to come there someday for a visit. You haven't certainly sold me on the Jersey Shore.
    Blessings for all the awesome pictures today.

  16. I have never been to the Jersey Shore, but my grandchildren have grandparents there and spend many weeks during the year. They love it!

  17. LOVE THIS, MY DEAR FRIEND!!! This is excellent! and I think yes you have covered all the highlights - and all the reasons I dearly miss my home state, too ...