Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I Dig Everything...

...but I really dig Gardening!!
So how's my garden doing you ask, lets take a peek...


 as of today...

 I have two coming!!

 My tomato plant is small, compared to past years,

 but it is producing a lot of tomatoes.
Here is my cucumber plant...

 it is also producing a lot of funny shaped cucumbers.
Here's a picture of the first one we picked, it was delicious.
You really have to keep an eye on these,
they grow so fast going from a few inches to a foot,
in just a few days.
We are getting about one per day...

 and this is what we have been eating for lunch, almost everyday.
Next year, I am definitely going to grow carrots!!
This is...
"All because someone planted a seed!!"
So what about you guys, are you eating from your gardens yet??


  1. We've picked a few peppers and tomatoes are green still, but the basil and parsley are growing and being used. Years ago we had a very large garden and more veggies than we could use, despite freezing and giveaways.

  2. Where ever it is we move next, I want a veggie garden. Ray loves to grow flowers, and I love to grow veggies. My first canning attempt -bread and butter pickles-was a huge success. Their deliciousness lives on in my memory.
    PS re: my email: Ah-HA! You sneaked by me this morning! :) :) :)

  3. Hey, those all look SO good! No, I'm not eating from my garden, but I just might sneak over to the neighbor's after dark! :)

  4. Ooooo, your summertime lunch looks so yummy, Debbie, and healthy too! I did not have the time ofr a veggie garden this year. I had to choose between flowers and veggies, and flowers won! Hopefully next year, I'll have time for both. :-)

  5. Wow! Inspiring! Seems more "manageable" the way you grow these plants in pots...a good first step to try a few. Seems less daunting than preparing a whole garden patch!

  6. I cannot wait to start my garden in the fall. Amazing what one can grow even in medium-sized pots! I think everyone should have a garden and eat their own food. Tastes better and better for you.

  7. Bon Appetite!!!! Rich Products, Debbie. They are the best;))
    This year we have no garden, because Paco had surgery on his hernia. This is the last year;))



  8. Very nice. I love the eggplant

  9. Wow, looks like you have gone healthy! Your plants all look great, I love eggplant.. We have some cherry tomatoes growing..nothing ripe yet.. Enjoy your veggies..

  10. OH your Eggplant is wonderful!!! It just looks wonderful. I sure enjoyed what we cooked last night. I love your lunch. I would eat that every day too. Your cucumbers are doing pretty good. I think that is the right amount to enjoy every day.
    I told my husband, I feel so rich eating all of these fresh vegetables. I bet you do too. I like your garden. All nice and neat. Seeds are so amazing.

  11. Nice job! I love fresh cucumbers! My grandmother used to make dill pickles with cucumbers from their garden. They were so good!

  12. Looking very good! And delicious! Larry brought in some tomatoes tonight--just a few, but the most we've gotten. The cucumbers have been really good. The lettuce was so good. I want to plant a fall crop.

  13. Mmm... fresh cucumbers sound divine! And the green tomatoes remind me of the time I made fried green tomatoes for my Grandma - they were quite tasty :)

    Enjoy the remainder of your week!

  14. Oh cool! I've never grown eggplant, might try next year. My tomato plants are 4 feet high, and as of todays count, I have 87 tomatoes...can you say, chili sauce! So far, all we are harvesting and eating are beets, and peas.

  15. I used to grow summer plants Debbie! And i'm not eating from my garden,what a shame!!Yours look great!!I like the eggplant!Thank you for sharing!

  16. Oh gosh, I feel sad; we haven't done any gardening at all this year. We had great plans; but so many things have interrupted our life it hasn't happened.
    I do like the looks of that lunch. We still might try for some tomatoes because they grow well into the fall.
    Loved the pictures; blessings for more good vegetables to come.

  17. We got about a batch of radish and that's about it. Next year hopefully will be better.