Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Chasing Down Egrets!!

I am forever chasing Egrets.
I know where they hang here at the Jersey Shore and I am always in
pursuit of them and that perfect picture!!
On March 13th the hubs took me to Lake of The Lillies,
I always get lucky there.
 The Great White Egret took off as soon as he heard me...

 but I was still happy to get these two flight shots!!

 Now the ducks, on the other hand...

 you just can't shake them.

I think this pretty Mallard,

 was praying I had food!

Aren't they just beautiful!!
And no, I did not bring any food as the folks that live around the
lake get very upset if you feed any of the wildlife.


  1. I would say you got two perfect shots of those pretty egrets Debbie, and those ducks are adorable, especially the praying one :). Have a great day!

  2. I love your egret images!!!

  3. the ducks make me smile. dang shy egrets! :)

    (your post showed on my sidebar but not in feedly, today. i had to click on your main blog page from feedly to even see the post existed.) dang...

  4. Those flight photos are amazing!

  5. I'd be more than happy with those egret shots Debbie!

  6. Clever you to catch the egrets and I love the mallards too.

  7. LOL! That one actually looked like he/she was praying. I love that shot. :)

  8. You would not have to chase them if you were here, Debbie! They are constantly near our pond, and they eat the fish. This makes hubby a bit cranky. :-(

    Those little mallards are so sweet.

    Happy day to you!

  9. What lovely shots Debbie, I really love the ones you caught of the egrets in flight.

  10. I am always surprised and impressed to see these water birds fly effortlessly low above the water.


  11. Those ducks are adorable Debbie!!I really like your egrets shots!!Lovely bird!!Great captures!!

  12. Great shots of the egrets in flight and the ducks are cute. I sure do understand why the people who live there would not want the ducks fed.

  13. Nice job with the flight shots! I've never photographed an egret. Lots of ducks, but no egrets.

  14. Lovely photo's and I really liked the birds in flight. You get amazing shots.
    Blessings for these beauties.

  15. Those were great "in-flight" shots. Maybe someday he won't fly off on you. The ducks were fun to see though. Yeah our park frowns on people feeding the ducks. We have plenty now in front of our house everyday that we can feed all we want.

  16. Great pictures! You always visit such lovely places!

  17. They are adorable, what fun captures, thank you.

  18. My dear friend! I had no idea about Lake of the Lillies needing to be saved - my aunt & uncle had a house that backed up to the lake, I'm pretty sure this was it, and I even have childhood pictures of myself sitting on the dock into the lake! I tried to send them an email but there system is very not user-friendly ... any further information you can provide, will be worthwhile! TY so much for posting this to the Internet!!!