Monday, May 12, 2014

Making Soup!!

If you follow along, you know I have discovered a new found
love for cooking.
Last week, we picked up another $ 5.00 chicken from Costco.
Out of the gate, on Thursday, we had a wonderful chicken dinner with it.
Saturday we went on a picnic and I made some delicious
chicken salad sandwiches with what was left.
But as I went to toss the "carcass" I discovered there was still
a lot of chicken left on that $ 5.00 chicken.
See all that chicken??
So on Sunday, I decided to do something I have never done before,
make chicken stock.
That wasn't much fun but it did turn into some really amazing chicken soup.

 I shared two large containers with our Aunt Ruth
who has not been feeling well.
I also cut up some of her favorite french bread to go with it.

 After sharing with Ruth, there was this much left for the hubs and I...
and even though it's not soup weather, this tasted really good.
All that for five bucks, can you believe it?

ooohhhhh and this also, in the freezer!
You just have to love a five dollar chicken from Costco, what a bargain!!


  1. Good job Debbie - the soup looks quite delicious and hearty too.

    Now, I've worked it out - the money you saved on all those meals means you can have some extra visits out ... say, the cup cake shop and the ice cream parlour!!! ;D)

  2. Hiya Debbie! I love the creativity of cooking. Google Nigella Lawson's Happiness Soup when next you gets a Costco chick. Perfect light summer soup. Has lemon in it.
    And Just For You, I got to the the bottom go the no-reply blogger business. You can reply now. And, just for you, I actually have a new post up this morning. Two in four days. That's practically a fifty yard dash for a Slow Blogger like me. LOL!

  3. i do a lot w/ the $5 wal-mart ones, too. i don't make soup, though. eating them hot, cold, chicken salad, chicken pasta, chicken and rice. dogs enjoy the rest. :)

  4. I do love the chicken from Costco. I bought one a few days ago and I am finishing it off today!

  5. Wow that is amazing and it looked so yummy, you are an incredible cook and N.J. Pioneer Woman. :)

  6. Any weather is soup weather! I love chicken noodle soup, and I always keep some in the freezer for "emergencies!"

  7. I'm not much of a cook anymore, but the soup looks delicious. Yes, I'd say you did a lot with the one chicken! Good job, Debbie! :)

  8. Hello Debbie!!Your soup looks delicious!!I like also chicken salad sandwiches!!They are my favorite!!You can do so many things with a chicken!Wish you a happy week!!

  9. Good idea, food made for more days;)
    Happy Monday.
    A Kiss.

  10. Wow - that $5.00 chicken wen a long ways!

  11. Gosh, I can't believe all the food you wrung out of that chicken! I wish I was thrifty like this. Would never have thought to make chicken stock...thanks for the tip!

  12. Debbie, you $5 chicken went a long way.. Your soup looks delicious! Have a happy week!

  13. You got a LOT of bang for the buck with that chicken! There's nothing quite like home cooked soup, and yours looks delicious!

  14. Wow, you really got lot out of that chicken, Debbie.
    The soup looks delicious! xo.

  15. I can smell the yummy aroma from here !
    Bet it is tasty too.

  16. Looks amazing. I can eat soup all year long.

  17. Now that's what I call stretching a dollar...good for you!

  18. Great ideas on how to make that store bought rotissiere chicken last and we do the same every time as well. Just bought one last night and it was dinner then and will be for a couple more meals missed in with salad fixings. Also the carcass will be used for soup as you showed. Yes, a great value even if our cost was a couple of dollars more as there is no Costco near us.

  19. Outstanding! I love picking up those cooked chickens during the week sometimes after work. And I need to get better about using them up - cause {truth be told} I end up throwing some good meat away! This is inspiring!

  20. I love how versatile chicken is. So many ways of using it!