Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stealing the Spotlight!!

Do you remember our day trip to Longwood Gardens back on
May 6th?
Occasionally...o.k., all the time, I talk to strangers.
I don't know what it is about me but seriously
everyone talks to me.
Now, I am drawn to people...
occasionally I start it up but the hubs says I have a sign on my forehead,
that reads...
"I will talk to anyone and I would love to talk to you"!!
The hubs is not in to all the chatter, he usually wanders off, 
but I recently discovered what he's doing while I'm off
"shooting the bull"!!
 He's shooting himself...
He had set up the tripod, for a picture of us together.
No point in wasting this opportunity,
"let's do a photo shoot of "me" while everyone is watching"

 That's some look he is getting from missy with the cap!!

 Then he decides to spice things up just a little...
with this very stoic pose,

and ended his photo shoot with the traditional peace sign.
I had no idea he did this until I came home and loaded the pictures on to
my computer.
I have no words, I thought at some point he would grow up!


  1. Laughing... What would we do without them?

  2. LOL!! Don't scold the hubs! I think the photos are great!!

  3. LOL!! Don't scold the hubs! I think the photos are great!!

  4. I thought of learning something from him.

    Not until the line "I have no words, I thought at some point he would grow up!"

  5. I think he made good use of his time while waiting for you to chat. I am a chatter while my gentleman friend is very quiet so I get the picture. hehe

  6. HiLaRiOuS!!! Your hubs and my hubs are cut from the same cloth!

  7. just made me laugh out loud! such a stud muffin! :)

  8. I LOVE it!!!!
    Way to go, Chuck!!!

  9. Now, that is hilarious! You don't really want him to grow up, do you? :)

  10. He looks so cool Debbie!!
    This is so funny indeed!!!

  11. I know that we must be a like in someways. I am always the one talking away. I love that you husband took these sweet pictures of himself. I can just picture the moment that you saw them; I would say sweet.

  12. Nice shots. growing up isn't such a good idea.Stay young at heart and have fun.

  13. Certainly nice pictures with the tulips.


  14. Debbie, he is very photogenic. Why not, steal the spotlight? I like the last peace sign shot.. Have a happy day!

  15. you husband is great for chuckles. love it!! i love the peace sign shot. he seems pretty laid back & just enjoying the views. ( :

  16. Well, I could think of worse things he could be doing while you're off talking! lol I think it's cute that he found something to amuse himself. I am just like him; hate small talk most of the time. But I've been forcing myself to take the time and get to know people a little better.

  17. Haha that is so cute. I would frame them all. He looks like he is having such fun.

  18. LMAO! Props to the man! He's got mad skillz! haha!

  19. I love it! And let's hope he never does grow up - this is too much fun! (At what is with that lady in the hat?)

  20. These are so cute! I loved the people in the background also, the lady in the face mask and the one with the cap. What on earth was going through their heads.

  21. ROFL! Your husband is hilarious. LOVE his sense of humor!

  22. This is HYSTERICAL!!! I bet the whole time he's thinking about the surprise on your face when you discover the shots! Such a hoot!

  23. Oh that's gorgeous - so funny.
    The girl in the mask in the first photo is a bit bemused I think :D)

  24. Oh I hope he never does because these were fun. I loved seeing the people in the background. I bet they were wondering about him. Also that last shot is just "da bomb."

  25. Men never grow up!