Sunday, May 25, 2014

Let's Knit, Part 2!!

Yesterday, I went back to Arrow Acres Farm
for my second knitting class.
The same beautiful table was set, sitting outside waiting for me.
The same wonderful, fun loving, knitting empowered people
were there as well.
This is the perfect setting for knitting lessons,
although the "view" can be a little distracting!!

I brought my practice piece, I have been practicing a lot
and I did make a few mistakes.
Did you think this beauty just landed on the table like this?
ummmm, no, it was strategically placed, masking all my little oopsies!

Here's what it really looks like...
I practiced knitting and pearling on this,
that's why some rows look different then others.
I also forgot which way I was going at one point...
that's the "what the heck is going on here" mess about one quarter
of the way down...oops!!

I also learned how to get that baby off the needles...
that was easy peasy!!

Next up was felted soap,
I have never heard of this and it's so fun to make.
If felted soap interests you,
I found a great video on youtube you can view that here.
Each of us felted 2 bars of soap and we were sent home with lots more fiber,
so we could make a few bars at home.

Next up, I learned to "cast on", which means to start a new project.
That, my friends was my biggest nemesis.
Leanne is so very patient and with her help, I got it done!

I am no longer considered a "beginner" so I am going to take the next class,
and make the 400 Yard Scarf, pictured here!!


  1. 'knitting empowered people' made me laugh. :) so did the scrawny looking sheared alpaca. :)

    glad you're having fun!

  2. These classes sound like so much fun, Debbie, and I am so happy you are enjoying it.

    The alpacas....they're naked!!!! :-)

  3. There is a French comedy with Louis de Funes. He constructed such a machine. On one side of the machine includes a sheep, on the other hand comes shorn sheep. And goes up sweater. :))

  4. You'll be a great knitter. How do I know? Because your stitches are nice and even with consistent tension. The oopsies diminish as you learn to decipher for yourself which direction you're going. ;>) Good for you!

  5. LOL!! This brings back memories of when I first learned to knit a long time ago! I still have all of my knitting stuff and you have inspired me to dig it out.

    Love those critters in the photos.

  6. Aww that little cutesie pie baby alpaca having a feed - just full of loveliness to see that.
    You're no longer a 'beginner' - you go Debbie - yay on you.
    You've got the tension going really well as your Commenter Charade mentioned. Something that's not all that easy to do - well, not in susanland anyway ;D)
    Must go and check that felted soap??? Definitely intriguing - thanks for the link and keep those needles a'clickin. Cheers now :D)

  7. Just popping back to thank you again Debbie for the heads up about felting soap. I've watched the video and it's super easy to do and would make such beaut gifts - love it :D)

  8. Love the "knitting empowered people"! :-) You are doing very well, Debbie. Just think, you just started and you have already learned so much! I am going to watch some videos and see if I can become empowered too. :-)

  9. Great work!!!Can hardly wait to see the finished project!!!

  10. Good for you. That's how I got started knitting, finding a group of knitters. The problem is I don't blend in with their conversations ad they are in Dutch. But, I have good eyes. xo Jenny

  11. Felted soap. Now that's a new one on me. Must Goog it. Took me a minute to figure out it was a babykins having a feed from mama. I love their placid, pastoral expressions! And Great Big Eyes.
    That little boo boo ¼ way down made me laugh and remember my mom teaching me to knit. At times like that I would hand it over for her to fix. But she would also tell me where/how I had gone wrong. She knit beautifully. Humm...another memory from the Wayback Machine.
    Anyway, congrats on graduation from Beginnner Class. Was there an alpaca commencement speaker? LOL!
    Happy Memorial Day, dear.

  12. Good morning Debbie!! You are doing very well with you knitting!!Your scarf will look great!!I'm sure for that!!I find the felted soap,very interesting creation!!Good for you!!Have a happy week!!

  13. I decided long ago that there are no oopsies in knitting. Only creatively placed design elements that make one's project totally unique.
    No doubt you have picked the perfect place to learn a new skill...such a lovely setting.

  14. Debbie, I am glad you are having fun with your knitting lessons. I would be distracted looking at the alpacas.. They are so darn cute! Have a happy Monday!

  15. Your classes sound fun and I would have a hard time concentrating on my knitting if the animals were nearby where I could watch them instead. You will be a great knitter -it's like riding a bike- you never forget how to do it.

  16. You really made me smile ( and giggle a little - just a little). Good for you, learning to knit! And the view would be VERY distracting to me! I'm looking forward to seeing your scarf!

  17. You are doing so well, Debbie. I love the colors you're working with. Never heard of soap knitting; I guess it's to have lovely fragrances around the house. :)

  18. I meant to say felted soap. I love that idea. :)

    God bless!

  19. They sure look different after their hair cuts!!! The little one, nursing, seems to be lying on the ground - never seen anything nurse that way! I love the way the adults' legs look as they walk, the bend at the knee, before the haircuts!
    And your knitting is coming along! The first step is always the hardest! When I cast on, I have to use a needle a couple of sizes larger than I am going to be knitting with, because I pull it so tight!

  20. What fun for you! Those Alpacas need you to knit them a sweater now - they look pretty naked! lol

  21. Yay I am so proud of you!!!

  22. You must be so proud!
    I found my lost needles and just have to take some lessons, or look for a video... sigh
    But the garden does call me!!!!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  23. Oh my, 400 yard scarf! That's ambitious, but I know you can do it. I admire those who are "knitting empowered." lol You're doing great!

  24. Wow. Looks like your project is comming along nicely.

  25. It is just lovely and what a great job.
    I have never seen felted soap, so I will have to look it up too.
    What a nice way to spend a day.

  26. Looks to me like you are doing very well. Keep up the good work!

  27. Beautiful alpaca. Good work :)))

  28. Impressive...can't wait to see your scarf!!

  29. Well, good for you learning to knit! It'something I've always admired...but, can't do.... and, hey... you can felt all sorts of things with that pretty wool... that I can do....I felt little bears....well, and, geese, and hippos and... other stuff ....

  30. I love that you are posting pictures of your works. I will for sure want to see the picture of your finished project, the 400 yard scarf.
    What a fun place to be learning how to knit.