Thursday, February 21, 2019

Snow Day

I finally got my snow day.
I have been waiting all winter for snow, we didn't get a lot, but we got enough.
Enough for a walk in the snow...
Enough for me to use my snowman making kit, that I feel like I have been waiting forever to use.

It wasn't big but it was beautiful!

There was a snow angel...
this might be my only chance this year to lay in the snow and freeze my butt off.

It was beautiful as it fell from the sky...

it looked so pretty laying on the bushes.

It's raining now, and his head fell off, 
good thing for pictures so we have recorded the memory.

ps...I thought everyone had a "snow person kit"...
The kit supplies all of the needed accessories to "dress" your snow person,
a hat, a very large carrot nose, eyes, mouth, buttons and a pretty red scarf. 
We provided the sticks!



  1. Looks like you were having fun. It is always nice to be kids again.

  2. If you live in a winter climate it is always good to enjoy snow. Now if only I didn't have to shovel it......

  3. There's a snowman making kit? I had no idea! LOL! It looks (or looked) good! My daughter made a big snowman earlier this winter and the same thing it warmed up, the head started sliding backwards until it fell off. :-)

    1. there includes a hat, a very large carrot nose, eyes, mouth, buttons and a nice red scarf. we built the snowman, or "snow woman", the kit supplies all of the needed accessories!!

  4. Hello, I love your cute snowman and the snowangel. I would need help getting off the ground once I was down, lol. Enjoy your day, have a great weekend ahead.

  5. Oh my that big tree with all the snow is out of this world and of course the snowman is top notch. What fun making a snow angel and we all got to be a part:)

  6. The snowman’s more than wonderful, but the snow angel wins the gold medal!

  7. What a great snowman! I love those snowman kits. I am so glad you finally got some snow. I love your coat.
    Have a lovely day

  8. Hey, if you need more snow, I can supply lots. U pick only.☃️

  9. This is such a great post, I'm glad you got to use your snowman kit :)

  10. What's the point of Winter without a dumping of snow...right?? Your photos are such fun, Debbie. LOVE the one of you lying down in the snow. This photos oozes sheer joy! I had never heard of a snowman making kit...really?? Who would've thunk it.

  11. So glad you got your snow day Debbie - and made good use of it!

  12. such fun! I loved that you got to have your snow day Debbie... beaut photos and the last one was an 'aw' moment! xx

  13. Wonderful....I love the pics and it looks like you had a great time. Been waiting on snow here in TN also but we will not be getting any I am sure.

  14. I am glad you got out there in time to make that cute snowman and make your snow angel!! They always look so sad once they start melting :(

  15. What a charming snowman! Snow is magic...

  16. well I never! What was fun in out day was findingall the bits and pieces to put on the snowman not buy a kit. The snow is very pretty.

  17. Awwwww good for you! I can feel the joy in your words and photos. Thanks for this early morning smile!

  18. Oh this will be a favorite! I love your snowman and I didn’t know you could get akit. The photos of the two of you are memorable. I especially love the snow angel one. You are the best at making me smile today.
    Sending warm thoughts and hugs your way!

  19. Yippee for snow!
    Love your snowman and the snow angel.

    All the best Jan