Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Yarn Along

Two weeks ago I talked about a new project I would be starting.
A pattern and yarn I had picked up during my "very short" Wool Walk.
I started it last Tuesday,  
did not really have much to show on Wednesday, so I skipped Yarn Along.

Much to my surprise, things are going really well
and I am almost done with it.

The yarn is a pretty blend of purple and brown...

the long "tails" are on the needles, just scrunched up a little and difficult to show.

I am supposed to have 192 stitches at this point and I only have 190,
I think I can just make 2 stitches in the center and it will be fine.
I may have to confer with Leanne for her expert advise.
I have 5 more rows of 192 stitches to knit
and then bind off.

The colors look different in each picture, I think number one is truest to the real color.

This is The Gallatin Scarf by Kris Basta
Knitted on a size 10 circular needle with 1 skein of worsted weight yarn,
approxametly 192 yards.

I made this for myself, to wear to the 
Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival in October
Yes...I am thinking about it already, and I can't wait!

These are the lilacs from the Jose Lilac Bush in my gardens.
The flowers and leaves are a little different on this bush than a regular lilac bush.
This bush blooms four times each season!


  1. Your scarf is lovely, Debbie. My goodness you knitted it up quickly. Well done, you. Those Lilac flowers are pretty. How wonderful this bush flowers 4 times in the season. Does it have the same pretty Lilac fragrance?

  2. Perfect Debbie. You are becoming a pro.

  3. The scarf looks great and how I wish I could smell the flowers:)

  4. I love that, Debbie, and you'll look so beautiful wearing it. :)

    The lilacs are awesome!


  5. That will be beautiful Debbie. love the lilacs too

  6. Its beautiful Debbie. So are the lilics. What a beautiful bush! I hope you have an awesome week.

  7. Look at you! Branching out a bit with your knitting. I love it! Very wearable, and you're doing an awesome job.

    xoxo Andrea at This Knitted Life

  8. I like that scarf. I admire your talent!

  9. It is looking fabulous, don't you just hate when the colors in the picture are different. My girlfriend that helps me in a pinch usually helps me add or take away a stitch so I don't have to pull things out, hope you can get an easy fix, you are so close :)
    Your lilacs look great, ours is blooming this year, we just got it last year so we were wondering if it would bloom this year.
    Always good to be ready ahead of time, you will look great in this!

  10. Great looking scarf! And the lilacs are lovely.

  11. I'm always adding a stitch or two and sometimes taking a few away but I do it on the ends so it doesn't upset the pattern.

  12. Love. The scarf and the lilacs.

  13. Debbie, this scarf is just beautiful!
    And so are your lilacs. :-)

  14. I think the colours in your scarf are just lovely ... you will enjoy wearing it.
    Lovely lilacs, they are gorgeous blooms.

    All the best Jan

  15. The lilac bush blooms are lovely. I am interested in the fact it blooms 4 times each season. Our's is blooming now, and I love it. Your Scarf is going to be beautiful. I love the colors. Most of all I love that you are making it for yourself. I can't wait to see you model it.
    Blessings and hugs for you dear friend!

  16. That is going to be incredible!