Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Crafts at Ocean Grove

We go to a lot of the local Craft Shows,
I really enjoy them.
I love being outdoors, seeing all the wonderful items people make,
and chatting up a storm.
I don't usually buy anything but I talk to everyone.
The hubs is usually 2 booths ahead of me, pretending like he doesn't know me.
We went to a show in Ocean Grove on Saturday,
and I had some really great purchases for a change.
I'll share them at the end.

This band plays here every year.

Ocean Grove is a very religious community, this is their Great Auditorium

This is the Youth Temple

I purchased 2 new anklet bracelets...

These beautiful "Cards That Grow"
After enjoying the card, you soak it in water and plant it,
it will grow some pretty wild flowers.
They were $ 3.75 each and I thought that was a real bargain.

I found these adorable flip-flop's with a little bling...

and this bird bath made with vintage pieces of glass.

It was a beautiful day and I am thrilled with my crafty finds!


  1. You had seen many new collections of items. I too love to do window shopping to know about new things which has come to the market. If it is really useful then will go for buying it:)

  2. Those cards are special for sure! Wonderful finds!

  3. First off...I love the birdbath. I have seen this done before but that yellow bowl sets this one off so nicely. fav thing! Love the flops, only I have to buy ones that some sort of arch to them these days and in the spring and summer I never step out of the house without my ankle bracelets on! You go are styling for the summer months to come.

  4. Oh wow - I love craft shows and you got some lovely things! I used to like walking around and looking at everything. However, if I took my sis in law, we would be there for hours. She has to look at EVERY.SINGLE.THING for an incredibly long time. She and I are going shopping this afternoon, and I know we'll be gone hours on end. But, I love her. LOL


  5. Oh, and I love those cards that turn into flowers. What a novel idea! :)

  6. Craft shows are a great party.
    You made fantastic shopping.
    Debbie, thank you very much for the wonderful relationship and beautiful pictures.

    Greetings from spring Poland.

  7. What a quaint area and love your finds!

  8. Wow you did find some great finds this year didn't you :) Love the cards that you can plant, you will have to keep us up to date on the progress once you plant them :) Love the new flip flops, I miss being able to wear them, with my feet I have to keep them in the orthotics or I am in way too much pain. That bird bath is just beautiful, that is going to attract the birds :) I see some pictures in our future ;)

  9. Loved seeing your photographs.
    You made some great purchases there Debbie. I do like the 'Cards That Grow' what a good idea, I must look out for some in our local shops.

    All the best Jan

  10. Wow, how pretty Debbie! I love those flip flops. I just love bling. You crack me up. Chuck was two booths ahead of you? Haha. I always out run Ron because he wants to talk to everyone too.
    It looks like a very nice show.

  11. I really enjoy craft shows and need to find more of them. I think you found some great treasures to buy. the ankle bracelet is lovely, a card that grows flowers is unique and the bird bath, I want. Then of course, the flip flops are a must. I loved your photo displays. Blessings and hugs!

  12. Fun! I love craft shows and it’s getting to be that time of year :-) I live your finds. The blingy flip flops are a lot of fun!

  13. Oh i just love going to events like this!! --and i love your flip flops and that pretty birdbath!!

  14. I'd say your day was a success. The cards that grow are a wonderful idea.

  15. I can relate to your husband being two booths ahead of you, since mine does the same thing. I like to take my time and really look at things! I am really impressed with the cards that grow idea. More proof that someone can always come up with a new idea!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Looks like such a great time and wonderful town too!

  17. That would be fun! You picked up some really nice stuff. I like the ankle bracelets and the bird bath is beautiful!