Friday, October 6, 2017

An Off-Season Walk on the Beach

This is our favorite time of year to walk on the beach.
The air is cool, crisp and filled with an almost overwhelming scent of salt.
The sand is vacant of people and footprints.

Some waves rolled gently to the shore,

while others crashed on to the beach with excitement and an abundant amount of foam. 
We put our feet in the water and it is still so warm.

As we leave, I pick up my flip flops that have been waiting here for me...

I took some pictures of the beautiful goldenrod, 

and how cute are those 2 pink umbrellas?

I never saw Mr. bug, upper right corner of this picture, until I loaded the pictures on the computer.
At first I thought it was a helicopter, 
silly me...I had been captivated by the beautiful goldenrod.

As we walked back to the car, we saw this beautiful zinnia,
the hubs took these pictures.

It is a beauty, isn't it?
Almost all of the beach homes in this area have gorgeous gardens.

We didn't find much sea glass but all the pieces we did find were well worn
and had clearly been hiding in the ocean for a very long time.

September 24, 2017


  1. Hello, love the views of the ocean and waves. The flowers are beautiful, I love zinnias. Neat capture of the flying bug. Looks like a nice walk and great photos. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. I thought the insect was a single engine plane in the distance! Lol! Such a beautiful beach, Debbie and great photos by both of you!

  3. I would have thought it was a helicopter, too. Great capture of Mr. Bug. Your sea glass is lovely. i've never found any but I sure could paint and hide those rocks you found!! My new craze at the moment.

  4. You've brought the beach to me today and oh how I thank you! I absolutely adore your flip flops on the fence. That sums up summer perfectly!

  5. Isn't it nice when the crowds go home? I love going to the beach when there are no people. Such pretty flowers.
    I think you live in a perfect place Debbie.

  6. at least you found some sea glass, I've never had found any on the beach ever.

  7. Love off seasons walks at the tranquil.

    “Had been hiding in the ocean a long time...”

    Some people are like that.

  8. Oh how I wish I could go there....and of course those were your sandals....purple ones:)
    The sand looks so white and clean.

  9. Autumn is perfect ocean time! As I have said a million times, (smile) we used to go over to Cape Cod, every Sept. or Oct. We miss it sooo much.

    Sea glass!!!!!! Oh that dark-ish green one!!!!!

    Thank you for taking me on your lovely ocean walk...

  10. WOW! These are lovely scenes. A time like that is when I would enjoy being on the beach.I don't care for lots of people around when I want o enjoy nature.

  11. Another delightful post Debbie, and I smiled at the umbrellas and the zinnias being the same color, just a gorgeous shade. I also love your flip-flops! Such a neat photo and the sea glass, so very pretty! This is a great time for a walk on the beach and your beautiful pics took me right back to my own walk a few weeks ago. Thank you!

  12. What a stunning beach to walk along! Loving your flipflops and the beautiful flowers. The hover flies adore the golden rod. Glass takes on a whole new look when it has been bashed by the sand and waves. You found some lovely pieces!
    Have an amazing weekend :)

  13. Loving your pics of the beach! Nice job. Course I always love seeing that you found sea glass.

  14. My favorite time of year to visit the ocean is late September or early October.
    All the tourists gone, all the stupid tourist shops closed--yeah I love it then.
    Then, I can pretend I am a native of that area--like I actually live there.
    Always has been hard to turn my back to drive away.
    I watch the disappearing shoreline in the rear-view mirror for as long as possible.

  15. Wonderful seascapes and those two hot pink umbrellas really caught my eye!

  16. Something so special living by the ocean!

  17. It is nice to have the beach to yourself, and such pretty flowers you found too :) I love that you didn't see the bee until downloading your picture, I have a few of those and then others that I wonder what in the world was I getting a picture of there :) You may not have found a lot but you did find some different color sea glass, looks like it was a perfect day out

  18. What a lovely trip to the beach! I think it would be fun to go when it isn't crowded. It's been a long time since I have been at a beach. We have a trip in December to Hawaii with one of my daughter and family. We are looking forward to that. You Hubs take pretty good photos too.
    Blessings and hugs~

  19. Beautiful autumn by the sea :)

  20. Beautiful waves and flowers! I would much prefer a vacant beach as well.

  21. Oh, now I'm wanting to visit the beach! Such beautiful photos, Debbie. :)


  22. My very favorite kind of beach, Debbie. Empty!
    And this one is so, so beautiful.
    I just love the ocean, and beach fences. East coast beach fences.