Saturday, June 18, 2016

Saturday Critters ~ 131 ~

If you frequent here, you may remember that this wreath was home for some babies birds.
In early Spring, on my front door, those babies have fledged.
I washed the wreath, washed the front door and moved the wreath to the left of the door,
and hung it right on the house.

But momma came back...

and on May 25th I saw this, she was at it again.

By May 30th the nest was complete and two eggs had appeared.

On June 1st there were three.

I checked the nest every day and on June 12th there were two babies,

and on June 13th, we welcomed the third.

On June 14th they started doing this,

and on June 15th all three were awake and looking for food.

When I checked them on June 16th, everyone was sleeping...

and here's how they looked yesterday, June 17th.
They are already so much bigger and they are opening their eyes now.

Stay tuned, I will continue to follow them until the fly the coop!

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  1. A miracle of Nature! Fantastic series, Debbie, this was as good as seeing them on my front door!

  2. And I meant to add that I didn't have to do any cleaning up after them then!!!

  3. Lindo estamos na altura do acasalamento e dos ninhos das aves.
    Um abraço e bom fim de semana.

    1. translated: Lindo are at the time of mating and nesting birds. A hug and good weekend.

  4. Incredible photography Debbie. Well done!

  5. Oh, they are so cute :)))
    Have a happy weekend !

  6. Wonderfully documented Debbie, sweet to see. Have a great weekend :)

  7. Oh Debbie - this is so special, and your wonderful photo's have enabled me, and all your readers to share this experience.
    Thank you

    All the best Jan

  8. Good morning Debbie. Your momma Robin has been busy! I love the cute babies, they are adorable. Great sequence of photos! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  9. It's so amazing, isn't it to watch mother nature in all her glory. I'm so pleased you're sharing with us, Debbie. You're a good "watcher" of the babies. :)


  10. Mama seems entirely too "busy" if you know what I'm sayin'! :-) Glad the youngsters are doing well. I'm sure you'll be happy when they've gone off to college, though!

  11. They sure are ugly without feathers...

  12. That is so cool!! How amazing Debbie that the Momma bird likes that wreath. I look forward to watching them feather out and fly from the nest. Great pictures.

  13. Wow..thanks for snapping photos and keeping it up to date. So nice to have birdsome come nesting

  14. round two! glad they stuck thru the power-washing and painting escapades!

  15. Wow! Beautiful, amazing photos. I've never seen newly hatched robin babies before...looking forward to seeing how they mature.



  16. Fascinating! I love how you are able to capture them each day! Looking forward to seeing the next stage of their growth!

  17. Was Momma in the background sounding the alarm? Keep us posted.

  18. Oh Debbie, your photos are amazing! What a joy to have these precious little babies near your home or should I say ON your home :) I look forward to the next update on them.

    Hugs to you!

  19. Oh! I love these photos!! Ugliest things you've ever seen!

  20. they certainly like your wreath to nest in and this is a woderful series of shots from egg to chicks you have captured Debbie.

  21. they are so fun to watch aren't they? I loved your pictures of the boats from the previous post........great shots there! Looks like a fun place to go.

  22. Debbie is amazing.
    You have little chicks. They are wonderful.
    Happy birthday birds.
    Have a good Sunday and a happy week.

  23. Awesome photos of the precious babies!

  24. You have quite the bird nursery there.

  25. I love following this event. You did capture some amazing photos. It is surprising that mother bird would nest there and also allow the photos. Thanks for sharing this; it's fun to follow. Hugs~