Monday, June 27, 2016

Grounds for Sculpture, Part 2

We are picking up from where we left off yesterday, 
if you didn't read about how my day started and you are curious, you can read about it here.

Somehow, I made it to the Welcome Center
(can you believe the sign on the left, "we thought you'd never get here")
to get a scooter, and wouldn't you know, they were all out.
The kind woman at the center watched me walk away 
and knew I would never be able to tour the grounds. 
She called us back and offered us a private tour of the grounds on a golf cart.

I felt like dancing...we said, why yes, 
that would be wonderful and after we toured the indoor displays,

we toured the outdoor displays on a golf cart
with our own private tour guide.

Pictured are only a handful of some of my favorite sculptures. 
This sculpture was my's name,
Young Love
It seemed appropriate for the day as we visited on June 25th, 
which was our 38th Wedding Anniversary!

My life started, when I met you!


  1. Fantásticas estas esculturas.
    Um abraço e uma boa semana.

    1. translated: Fantastic these sculptures. A hug and a good week .

  2. Oh my friend this is such a lovely post. What a wonderful place it is like the statues are real. I love that you had a private tour and so happy you did not have to miss it just because of a scooter. Happy Anniversary to the most beautiful and loving couple I know. (well we are tied for that:)) Your happiness is contagious you know. xo HUGS HUGS B

  3. Wow, I'm so glad there are some great people in the world and you got a private tour. Those sculptures are really something. I laughed out loud when I got to the pic of the Hubs and Marilyn. And happy anniversary to you!!

  4. Now these are fantastic, Debbie!!
    I wish the cutest couple I "know," a very, very Happy Anniversary!!
    Hugs to both of you. xo.

  5. Congratulations - Happy Anniversary!

    Those are really quite amazing; the last one looks so very real.
    So glad you were taken on a tour and got to see everything. There
    are some good people in this world. :)


  6. so many great sculptures. Happy Anniversary~ so glad your trip was a success afterall. have a great day.

  7. Wow! What a place. Happy Anniversary!!

  8. Hello Debbie, the golf cart tour sounds nice. The life like sculptures are cool. I like the shots of you and your hubs with Marilyn! Happy Anniversary! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  9. I love this place. The sculptures look so real. So kind of the woman to offer the golf cart tour. I like your photos with Marilyn too!

  10. Hello Debbie! I'm SO glad you were able to see these fabulous sculptures. What a kind lady to offer you a private tour. Lovely happy photos of you both with Marilyn. Happy Anniversary!:)

  11. Oh! This is wonderful Debbie. I want to see this place!!

  12. happy anniversary, dear couple. :)

    what a nice lady to give you golf cart touring...

  13. Oh I am so pleased you persevered ... private tour of the grounds on a golf cart, so lovely.

    Your photo's are great and I wish you both the happiest of anniversaries ... although I'm a couple of days late with my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  14. How nice of her to help you out like that! Now that I see more of the sculptures, they are really impressive! And happy belated anniversary! That's awesome!

  15. Now that lady knows about good customer service, to give you the golf cart tour. I'm glad you were able to see everything after all. Those sculptures are amazing--some look so life like! Happy Anniversary to you and Chuck!!

  16. I am kinda partial to the sheep and Yarn sculptures. Duh.
    happy Anniversary!

  17. I read both posts and am glad the day got better as it went along. They obviously need to pay more attention to their service though -- more carts, more handicapped sticker parking closer (or a shuttle). But the kind lady who gave you the private tour made up for a lot! What an interesting park it is -- We enjoy outdoor art and have visited quite a few sculpture gardents, but I've never seen any quite like these in my life. They made me smile.

  18. These are all wonderful and I do hope you will show us more in later posts.

  19. .. wonderful post.... amazing sculptures.. I love them all...
    a lovely Anniversary day made special be a kind and generous lady..
    ..hugs.. Barb xxx

  20. Oh that was so nice of them to get you a golf cart and take you around, looks like a really neat park, I don't think I have seen anything like that, I have been to a wax museum but nothing outside like that, with that many sculptures, very cool!

  21. First, and most importantly!, Belated Blessings on your wedding anniversary! And thanks for sharing this - yeahhh, I'm predicatable and MM is my favorite :D I have my own story of a private tour guide, but nothing as good as yours!

  22. Oh how cool! I hope you share more photos of these. Happy belated anniversary!

  23. Oh my, you find the most interesting places to visit and take photos. This was very interesting and I especially loved the photos with the two of you. You are both just amazing and I love your happy smiles. Blessings and hugs for this one!

  24. Some of the sculptures looks so real! What a fantastic place to visit and I'm so glad you shared your photos with us.

    Have a great day, Debbie! Hugs!

  25. I don't know how I managed to miss these post last year but I'm glad I stopped back by to check them out. What an amazing place. Also your Anniv. was my parents wedding anniversary as well. That had 47 1/2 years together. Hope you have that and many more.

  26. What an interesting place! Sorry about the bird poop! I'm so glad they provided a way for you to see the sights. Your favorite is mine, too. That has to be young love, us older loves might not be able to get off the ground! LOL