Tuesday, June 21, 2016

It's Hydrangea Season in the Gardens...

 Touring the gardens, picking out and cutting the perfect hydrangeas  for bringing indoors, 
evokes an indescribable joy.
Arranging those hydrangeas in this vase and being able to enjoy them indoors is priceless. 

They always go in here...this is one of my favorite pieces.

And they need these "frogs".

 The frogs fit pretty tightly over the glass to hold those top heavy flowers in place.

Outside, the hydrangeas are just starting to bloom...

There are two here, at the back gate, with only a couple of flowers.

This is the Endless Summer Variety which blooms four times each Summer.

This is my office window, there are three here, all different varieties.
The one in the center always produces the most flowers.

The yard, the gardens and the house are very "messy" looking right now.
We are having the house painted, pieces of the siding were removed and replaced first.
Then everything was power washed.
We are going on four weeks now and I am ready for them to "go away now"!!
But alas, it will still be a while.
We are replacing some doors, some windows, the outdoor lights, 
gutters and leaders need to be installed...
and we are replacing all the glass in the greenhouse in the kitchen.

The gardens need weeding and attention,
 but I feel uncomfortable out in the yard while the painters are here.

I know it will be beautiful when it's done, it all really needed to be done.
The house is 32 years old and we have neglected it just a little.
Once they built that beautiful mansion next door to us, we needed to step up our game.

The hubs is doing some of the work, he's a handy guy who can do almost anything!
So fingers crossed it won't be too much longer, 
I can't wait to see it all done and looking beautiful again.


  1. Gosto muito de ver as hortenses nos jardins é uma bela flor.
    Um abraço e boa semana.

  2. Lovely variety. First I've seen that kind of frog.

  3. The Granddaughter gave me one of these plants for Mother's Day and to my surprise it is not only still alive I have some new things coming!!

  4. Hello Debbie, your hydrangeas are so pretty. I love the cute basket and the way you arrange the blooms. Your place will be even more beautiful when the work is done. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day and week ahead!

  5. I love hydrangeas. Yours looks so pretty. I love that container you put them in. I bet you are tired of having workmen there. It will feel so nice when its done. I got to play yesterday in my newly painted loft yesterday. Oh what a nice feeling. Have a nice day Debbie.

  6. Ohh clever vases! I like that. Your hydrangeas look great. Mine are meh so far, and last year they didn't even bloom. I know what you mean about being uncomfortable with painters there. I always feel that way when there is someone working on my house. I wind up hiding somewhere.

  7. Good luck with it all, as weeding goes mine is a daily adventure, my hubby not a lawn man and I'm flying to Alabama on Thursdy morning! It's going to be a wild experience on my return home! Your flowers are beautiful Debbie!

  8. Ah, what loveliness, my friend. My peonies just started blooming and I simply HAD to pick some today to bring inside. They smell heavenly :)

    Hugs to you!

  9. Your hydrangeas are just beautiful and I love your little wire basket holding them all! Your house is going to look so nice when it is all done! Hang in there.....xo K

  10. The Hydrangeas are gorgeous.I am waiting to see pictures of the house when it is all done.

  11. my house is 32 years old, too. new roof coming soon. already had all doors and windows replaced, re-sided and re-painted (almost needs some more paint again), deck replaced, patio put in.

    love your blooms. hang tough, girlie.

  12. Aah.....beautiful Hydrangeas. Those mop-headed beauties always put a smile on my face. Yours are gorgeous, Debbie!

  13. Beautiful flowers! I bet the house will look great when they're done!

  14. Those are absolutely beautiful! Love all the various colors----so summery! I love the way you arranged them too. Where do you get the frogs

  15. Debbie, these are GORGEOUS, and I love the wire basket.
    So perfect for them.
    Ours do not have buds yet, but I am waiting patiently for them.

  16. I have learned something new today. Frogs! I must find these...I can think of so many times I needed something like this to hold up top heavy flowers.

  17. I have some frogs, but my flowers haven't bloomed yet!

  18. What beautiful arrangements! I love that container, too. I felt the same way when our roof was being replaced - content to stay indoors. There is so much upkeep on a house.

  19. I need the kind of flowers that bloom multiple times in the summer. Maybe that's the kind I'll plant.

  20. Gorgeous, remarkable, Debbie. I've never been able to do much with mine. Maybe our soil is the problem. I can't wait to see your house when it's finished, although I don't see how it could be anymore beautiful. :)


  21. I just bought something like this at the thrift store the other day, love those frogs, they blend in very well, and your flowers look terrific. I can hear the frustration of you just want your house done and things back to normal, I sure hope that happens for you soon!

  22. Well done, for you! Mine are loved by my deer friends!!!

  23. Wow, it does sound like you are doing a lot of things to your home. I know how you feel about not wanting to work outside while you have workers there.
    I do love those beautiful flowers of yours. I think it is awesome you have them outside your office. Blessings and hugs~