Friday, February 12, 2016

When "The Boy" Comes...

My heart swells just a little, maybe a lot...
My tears flow just a little, maybe a lot...
And I smile more...maybe a lot...

His room is clean, his sheets are fresh and the room smells good, as it has a brand new air freshener.
It must smell like the home he remembers.
Everything he will need while he is here is placed about the bedroom and bathroom...
I hope he feels my love, I hope it feels like home. 
The home he has always known.

The food shopping list includes all his favorite things...
it is difficult to pack all his favorite meals in to two days, but I think I can do it.

There are many texts and phone calls...and then the hubs and I finally arrive at the airport.
He is above us getting ready to land, we are circling the pick-up area, 
waiting patiently for his arrivial.

I see him before he sees me and I feel that feeling again...
like the day we met when the nurses handed him to me in the hospital.
I remember that feeling. 

When he arrives...
I hug him a little longer, a little tighter and I feel the love in his hug, just a little bit more today.

Every second of this visit is etched in my memory...
in his as well.

I will remember the meatloaf, the baked chicken, the omelets
and trying to make the coffee cake he loves so much.
Mashed potatoes both nights because he never gets "mom's" mashed potatoes in North Carolina.
Him eating two grilled cheese sandwiches when he wasn't hungry...
just because mom makes them the best.

 Reading the scrapbook I kept for him as a child,
beginning with kindergarten, ending after 6 years of college.
It contains every school picture, every report card
and every special moment in his life.
His soccer career is memorialized in four "other" books, much larger than this. 

Mike, our second born...moved to North Carolina a few years ago.
We don't get to see him often enough.

There were plenty of games, 
(thanks for letting me win Uno 3 times in a row, that was very loving of you *wink*)
movies and lots of very long talks...

Back at the airport...
saying good bye is never easy...letting go from that last hug, even harder.


  1. Good morning, Debbie! I know you are wishing your son's visit was just a bit longer. You were well prepared with the food, the room and all your love. Wonderful shot of the three of you! Maybe you will be visiting him in NC soon. Stay warm, it's cold out there. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Hello Debbie, your post is so touching. The love of a mom for her son is so beautiful. Great weekend!

  3. Hello Darling Debbie!
    Your post is full of emotions.
    Visits loving son is a great joy for the parents.
    Have a nice weekend.

  4. This should come with a two tissue warning... Just saying. {and oh my, the scrapbook...}

  5. I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like to not have my son living near me.I'm glad you were able to make some new memories.

  6. It is so nice when they come home isn't it? I love all of the Mom things you do. It is so nice for a little while to make the time special. I really like all of those lovely foods you made. All of the kinds of foods I like too. :)
    I am so glad you shared about it. It makes me happy. Have a lovely weekend Debbie.

  7. I love you Mom!! And Dad too!! Everything was absolutely perfect on my trip!! Except that I could not stay longer :( I miss you both already!!

  8. Hello Debbie!:) Lovely photos and sentiments. I too wish your son could have stayed longer but whilst he was with ypou he felt both your love for sure,...even says so, how lovely!:)

  9. I'm sure your time together, although short, was perfect! You've both made some more very special memories.

  10. the love oozes from every word here. :)

  11. Ok, tears here.
    Oh, do I know how this feels.
    I am so glad you had a wonderful time while he was home.

  12. Debbie, a beautiful and loving post. I understand your feelings perfectly. Holding you in my heart. Hugs!

  13. Oh goodness, Debbie. You made me cry - maybe a lot.
    Your love is such a beautiful thing - for your boy.
    I'm so glad y'all had these wonderful moments in time.

  14. These were such loving thoughts about your love for your precious son and his love for you. I can tell you enjoyed every sweet moment with him. I only have one son out of six children that lives somewhat close and We don't see him very often and the other children less. I too treasure those moments that I can have with any of them. I loved all the lovely photos of his visit. Really liked seeing the picture of the three of you. Blessings and hugs!

  15. Aw! (Teary eyed now) Such a sweet post! So wonderful to have that time together - so hard to say goodbye. So very bittersweet. Lovely memories for all of you. Hugs xo Karen

  16. A beautiful story Debbie made me think of my beloved son that I lost & miss every single day. ♥

    1. awwww karen, i did not know sad i feel. i read and hear of people going forward after such a loss but i am not sure it is something, i personally, am strong enough to do. bless you karen, i know very little about you but always feel your love and support here....your kindness of spirit!!!

  17. Awww this brought tears to my eyes, it is how I feel when Amanda comes home and then when she has to leave again, I am counting down the days until they move back to this area, so thankful they are able to do that and pray that they can stay for quite a while too :) I had to laugh cause we do the same thing, a lot of texts, emails and phone calls just before they come making sure I have everything they are looking forward to eat and do while home, I am so sure they feel the love :) So glad you had that special time with him! Have a happy Valentine's day!

  18. I love everything about this! How nice to have his life in a book (or books, in this case). So glad you had a nice visit. I'm sure he appreciated all his favorite foods. Nobody cooks like Mom. Grilled cheese sounds so good right now.