Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Meet Me In The Kitchen...

Winter time, I cook more and I bake more...
and therefore, we eat more.
I like staying home, hunkering down and eating homemade comfort food,
especially during a storm.

Ya'll should remember this One Pot Pasta Dish
I have made this so many time's and it is Chuck's, a/k/a, the hubs
favorite pasta dish.
The one he asks for when I tell him I will make anything he wants.

The recipe is * here *

In the past, I have never changed it up but I did this time.
I did not have any fresh tomatoes at home so I decided to used canned.
One 28 ounce can of San Marzano whole, peeled tomatoes.
In order to compensate for using canned tomatoes, I decided to cook up
some sweet sausage, casings removed and crumbled.
I cooked the sausage first, in the same one pot, removed it to the side, 
keeping it warm while I prepared the rest,
I added the sausage back in for the last five minutes of cooking time.
This one pot pasta dish goes together so easily...and was a thousand times better
using the canned tomatoes and with the addition of the sausage.
You can put this together in less than 10 minutes, it cooks for 15 minutes...
and the reward is excellent, given the amount of time.
Don't leave out the cream, it really makes the dish.

To go along side the pasta I prepared a twist on garlic knots.
I cut the recipe in half and these were so easy and out of this world.
Next time I would use more garlic, because we all know...
one can never have too much garlic!!

The recipe is * here *

So what have you guys been bringing to the table??

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  1. Oh this looks so good. Will have to try it. We have been visiting family and have been well taken care of. We are, however, due for a pasta dish and I know what I will be cooking. Thanks Debbie!

  2. Good morning, Debbie. This meal looks delicious. I love pasta prepared anyway. The garli knots sound yummy too. Thanks for sharing, enjoy your day!

  3. Looks and sounds awesome, Debbie...I just "copied" the recipes...thanks!...:)JP

  4. Those garlic knots look really good! It's so true that it's impossible to have too much garlic. ;)

  5. Hello Debbie, your food looks so delicious.

  6. Looks yummy! This is one I must try! We haven't had much snow here at all, just some dusting but the wind has been terrible. I need some snow days here in southwest Missouri! Thanks Debbie for sharing!

  7. This looks so good! I am copying the link and sending it to my hubs. He cooks pasta dishes, and he will love this.

  8. Debbie, you present the true delights.
    Italian pasta to the best food. I love.

  9. I keep thinking I am going to make this dish. I think it is such a wonderful looking dish. Tonight I am fixing my quick go to dinner. It is http://grocerygrub.com/chicken-parmesan-casserole/ It is fast becoming a favorite around here. Have a lovely day Debbie

  10. Well, goodness gracious that looks SO good. Please the next time you make it, call me and I'll hop on my broomstick. :)


  11. Oh, and you know I've been making pies. LOL

  12. nice that you take care of chuck so well. :)

  13. I need a major change in my cooking/eating habits. They are currently guided by a picky three year old, which isn't working out so well. Good grief. xoxo Andrea @ This Knitted Life

  14. Ooooo, this looks yummy, Debbie!
    We eat lots of soups in the winter. Easy to put together, and so many possibilities.
    Lots of good bread and butter to go with it too!

  15. Same deal here....cooking more and eating more! lol

  16. Thank you, Thank you for this one. The photos made my mouth water. I am always looking for something to fix for lunch for two young missionaries that come for a planning meeting on Fridays. I love your recipes. Blessings and hugs!

  17. AHHHHH!!!! How wonderful this sounds!! The quads are coming over to spend the day tomorrow and I will prepare two meals for them - lunch and dinner plus a morning snack and afternoon tea. I asked Logan what she wanted to eat when I saw her on Sunday. She said, "I like pasta!" I told her. "Pasta it IS!!" She said, "I also like peanut butter!" So I have my menu! Lunch will PBJ and dinner will be pasta - using your recipe! Thanks so much!

  18. MMMMMM, that sounds tasty, I use to make those garlic knots too until we went on our new eating plan, no more white flour, wonder if they make whole wheat biscuits :) My hubby has a bad reaction to gluten, so he has to really limit himself. Yummy meal for those cold winter days :)

  19. One hundred percent agree with you on garlic! Yummmm.

  20. Mmmmm....now my mouth is watering!