Monday, February 22, 2016

Spiffing up the Kitchen...

I don't have a large kitchen, but I have a lot of kitchen cabinets and a decent sized pantry.
It is the one area of the house that I always seem to be "playing" with.
I don't enjoy cleaning, but I love a good organization project.
Last year I decided to out everything from the cabinets, 
put down new contact paper and purge.
I got about half way done with the top cabinets when the whining began...
what was I thinking, why am I doing this, I'm not having any fun...

Well the hubs had heard just about enough of my whining and decided to help.
In doing so, he received a gold star and the title
"world's greatest contact paper, kitchen cabinet cleaner/organizer" in the entire world. 
Don't underestimate these guys, he did good, really good.

Problem was, he didn't enjoy it either.
We finished all of the top cabinets, purged, washed everything and back in place it went.
He promised he would do the bottom cabinets over the winter.
Well winter is quickly passing and the cabinets were not done.
There was a lot of begging, whining, begging and promises of return favors,
if he would just finish...and it worked, he did.

Here's a before, 32 years ago I "lined" the bottom cabinets with flooring,
it is quite ugly, dusty and curling..
but it seemed like a good idea at the time.
But can you imagine, it's been down there for 32 years!?

Once he removed the flooring, the cabinets did have a small amount of damage.

We used this contact paper that looks a bit like granite.
It's clean and light, no curling and it works perfectly.

Now here's the best part, I didn't help,

nope, the hubs did everything, everything.

First one finished and everything back where it goes.



here's the bigger picture.

These cabinets are 32 years old and they look awesome.

I have one more project I wanted to do this winter.
It involves a mirror and some trim and a little electrical work.
He knows what I'm talking about.
Please Chuck, pretty please!!


  1. Yowza!! I'm sure I'm gonna be a cabinet cleaning, contact paper laying chick as soon as we "settle" on a place!! Putting an offer on a place today....going in low, so we'll see what happens!! This inspires me to move in "well" - take my time and fix my cabinets the way I'd like them to I don't have to redo them later.

  2. I need to do this too! I get so mad at myself when I have to "dig" in my cabinets for something. I was thinking on contact paper as well. Yours looks nice.

  3. This post made me giggle. I have the same situation when it comes to painting - I always think it's a great idea until I start. Then the whining begins, and I managed to find "someone else" to finish it for me. ;-) I like that contact paper. It really does look like granite.

  4. Good morning, you are orgainized. The granite looking contact paper is pretty. Your cabinets look wonderful. I think your Chuck will do anything you ask. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  5. Can you send him over to my place? He's a keeper for sure.

  6. Awesome job, you guys!

    Your cabinets are beautiful, and I love the kitchen. :)


  7. It looks wonderful Debbie, I always enjoy your organizing projects. Your cabinets look wonderful for being 32 years old. I also like the shape of your kitchen. It really is a cozy looking place. Chuck did great. Ron is much better than I am too. I get bored and move on. Ron sticks to the project.
    Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to see your new project. :)

  8. The cabinets are beautiful! I need to do the same thing--take everything out and purge what we don't use. It's quite an undertaking--good job!

  9. Wow! Your hubby did a great job and he did it so well, so organized and neat!

  10. Looks great Debbie! I just throw everything in and hope for the best!

  11. Looks beautiful! Bravo to your hubby! He did an excellent job too.

  12. Looks amazing.You are so fortunate to have willing help right there with you.

  13. A job well done! I can't wait to see the next project!. Hugs!

  14. Way to go Chuck! And you know Debbie, a little whining helps ;)

  15. Very nice! We do help out sometimes! :-)

  16. You have such a cozy kitchen, Debbie. And your cupboards look wonderful with their new facelift.

    Have a wonderful week! Hugs!

  17. Your cabinets look great, inside and out! We must think a lot alike! I just recently took up the old contact paper and replaced it in my cabinets. I had linoleum under my sink and thought it was a good idea for a while! Your kitchen is about the same size as mine. I enjoy that everything is just a step or two away!

  18. Always like to hear good hubby stories!

  19. What a sweet guy! Everything looks great and so beautifully organized! Your cabinets still look beautiful. They don't make them like that anymore! x Karen

  20. I dislike cleaning job too. Hubby will clean up the messy cabinet with he cant stand the mess. Bad me. Lol

  21. Oh he is a sweet heart for doing all of that for you, I really need to go through mine and do some purging, my cupboards are bulging at the seams! I mentioned going through our walk in closet and getting that into better shape and I didn't hear a peep out of my hubby, I know what to bring up when I want silence is all I got from that :)

  22. You have such an adorable personality that comes out in your posts. I truly loved seeing how hard your sweet man worked. It all looks awesome. I do hope he takes on the next project to. Now I just need to motivate my man to finish a couple of my ideas. Blessings and hugs for you both!

  23. What a good man ... and it all looks great.
    I do like the granite look of that contact paper.

    All the best Jan

  24. Your cabinets do look good, inside and out. You have a beautiful kitchen. Yay Chuck!