Sunday, August 31, 2014

More Knitting!!

I love to knit, I love to knit!!
Have I mentioned that I love to knit??
hehehe, this is ridiculous!
At this point, I do believe, I could knit in my sleep.
I know for sure, I am "counting" in my sleep.
Knit two, purl two, knit two, purl two...makes the cool brim of the hat.

 This one is for Scott. I worked on this in Connecticut,
he saw it while we were there and loved it.
I finished it, all by myself on the ride home.

Once home, I started another one with the same Alpaca yarn,
because I love this yarn so much.
The second one is for Mike, twin hats for my Irish twins.

So whats a girl to do when she is "out" of yarn??
hehe, you know, back to the farm she goes.

 I hope my pretty little box can hold all that yarn.

 This is pretty shades of light purple.

 I am going to use the mason jar to hold all my knitting needles.

This is my knitting corner.

 This pretty yarn is shades of cream.

 They sure do know me around the farm.

I have so many hats done,
everyone on my gift giving list may be getting "two" hats this Christmas!!

So...have any of you starting preparing for Christmas?
I have a few other very creative ideas
for handmade Christmas gifts.
Pinterest inspires me!!

Are you on Pinterest?? Do you love it??


  1. Pretty hats, Debbie.. You are fast! I have not begun to think about Christmas.. Thank you for the visit and nice comment about my Goldie Girl.. Have a happy day!

  2. For a warm winter;))
    Good Sunday Debbie.

  3. This makes me soooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy knitting :)

  4. The colours are gorgeous! And I bet the alpaca yarn is very warm too.

  5. Love the color of the yarn.

    You are doing a fabulous job making such lovely hats. They sure do make great Christmas gifts.

  6. Well, I was happily strolling along through your post, loving the hats and knitting corner set-up, feeling a bit sheepish for my severe lack of knitting skill (I count a sorta scarf as a victory) and then you had to mention you have already started on Christmas.

    Gurl! you are making the rest of us look really bad. lol!

    PS - LOVE the mason jar.

  7. i know the boys always call you purple debbie. too cute. you are a knitaholic, now!

  8. I'm glad you're enjoying this new pursuit! It appears you have mad skillz! Yes, the "z" means the skills are serious. :-)

  9. Love the knitted caps. I know your Irish Twins will enjoy them for a very long time.

    No, not on pinterest; I spend too much time on the computer as it is :)

    Looking forward, though, to more creative projects from you!

  10. Beautiful hats! You should sell some on Etsy! I, too, am addicted to Pinterest -- recipes, handmade cards, etc., etc., etc.!! I have about 12 boards running! Keep up the great work with your knitting -- you're a natural!

  11. Debbie, the hat is beautiful, and I just love your knitting box. Looks just perfect to hold that beautiful yarn.

  12. I am so excited because you are so excited about knitting! You do such lovely work. I am still working on my second project, a scarf. I love your pretty box and jar to hold your needles. My co-worker just visited an Alpaca farm in the next county over for a story. He told me they have yarn for sale. I think I may need to visit the Alpaca farm. :-)

  13. I love your knitting corner. I am so impressed with your lovely knitting. I think it is wonderful you love it so much. You inspire me.

  14. Great hats! I love alpaca yarn. So soft. But it's itchy on me unfortunately. Still... I love to crochet. And I do like Pinterest, but don't allow myself to go there too often. I get a little stuck.

  15. You are too funny! I have not even thought about Christmas yet, I'm still getting accustomed to the fact that it's already September 1st!! I love your knitting.

  16. Wow!!I love your hats Debbie!!They are so preety!!Like the yarn and the colours too!!Keep on knitting!!Have a happy month!!

  17. Wow you've really got the knitting bug for sure. Love that soft purple shade of yarn. I'm wondering if Alpaca would make me itch as I know I'm allergic to sheep wool. I think a new hat for Christmas would be a fun gift.

  18. Knitting is NOT cheap...especially when you use the delicious yarns....

    I have to keep my knitting habit at bay. It IS very addicting!

  19. Hi Deb hope all is well. I love your hats well done and the yarn carrier is to die for.. Grey set of photos

  20. I do love that pale purple yarn!! Although all of them are lovely!

  21. Awwww, they are a beautiful couple. Hope you get to see them again soon. Your knitting is great! Love the colors. I bet they will be very warm when the colder weather comes, not that I am wishing that on anyone yet :)

  22. You are a master knitter at this point. Thanks for naming your favorite yarn because I am going to take up knitting too. I think I told you I won a lesson from a friend at one of our woman's meeting. I love the photo's of your work.

  23. Debbie, I love those hats !
    Have a nice day :)

  24. Debbie, I love those hats !
    Have a nice day :)

  25. I love your enthusiasm so much! It's such fun seeing what you are working on. The hats look fabulous! Everyone on your Christmas list will be so happy! I do Pinterest and get crochet and embroidery inspiration (as well as quilts of course!)But I'm way behind you on those Christmas presents! Ahhh...Purple Debbie. How fun! :-)

  26. Hello dear Debbie!
    Came back from NJ decidedly under the weather, but had an excellent visit.
    My thumbs won't let me knit, but I crochet. No wool for me, though. Allergic. Was even allergic to my long haired cat's spun fur -even though it didn't bother me at all when it was on the cat! Even some acrylics bother me.
    So I crochet away using soft acrylic or cotton. I'd love to crochet something with rayon yarn.
    I visit Pinterest sparingly to avoid Visual Overload.
    Smiling at you from Maryland, m & jb

  27. Oh I love your knitting!!! I also love your taste in yarn!!!!