Monday, August 4, 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?!?!

Yesterday, I went outside to photograph my vegetable garden.
That was about the extent of my activity yesterday,
it was a lazy weekend!
And it doesn't really take too long to photograph it,
it is "tiny" to say the least...
but it is producing some really good stuff!!
 Here is my Eggplant,
so far I have picked 3 and there are a lot more coming.
It is in a pot, on the deck, looking very healthy.

There are a lot of Eggplant coming.

The hubs took this picture of my Cucumber Plant,
also in a pot, on the deck.
He said this is an "ant's eye view"!!
We are getting a cucumber a day, yesterday we picked 2...

 this one...

and this one.
There are a lot more coming.

 Our Tomato Plant is not doing as well,
 It is small and unhealthy looking, the tomatoes are struggling to turn red.

Yesterday we picked this one, not even enough for a good BLT!!

 The other day I made another casserole of Eggplant Parmesan

We also had BLT's yesterday with two tomatoes we had previously "harvested".
Next year I would like to add carrots and onions
because I use and eat them a lot.
This gardening stuff is fun,
if you keep it small and managable.
So what are you guys growing this summer??
Do you have any tips for container growers like me!!


  1. Looks like your garden is doing well! We grow a few large gardens every year and do some canning and freezing.

    The casserole looks scrumptious!

  2. I didn't raise eggplant this year, but isn't it a beautiful plant! My Early Girl tomatoes are smaller than usual, more like tennis balls. So disappointing, because I can tomatoes and it's going to take a lot of tomatoes to fill a jar! I like your container tomato. I think I'm going to do some of those next year.

  3. Everyone's tomatoes are scrawny this year--must be the cool spring we had? I did not know I could grow a cucumber plant in a container!!! For sure going to try that next year as I love cucumbers. My Mother made Eggplant once when I was a kid. Hated it so haven't eaten any since :-) I hear it's really good though.

  4. Hi Debbie. I'm back (at least for my one post day of the week! LOL). Love your produce and manageable gardening idea. I'm still going thru hundreds of photos from our trip to the Bison Range, and posted some today. Hope you stop by.

  5. your cukes are doing great! i like your deck garden!

  6. This reminds me that I kind of miss where I lived before and the neighbors cucumbers (some grew through the fence!) I've heard the same about tomatoes also. But, the eggplant casserole sounds SO good. :)

  7. My tomatoes are going to be a wash I think, I have picked three now. 45 plants. The peppers though are going crazy. I bet I could pick enough to supply a small city.
    This is maybe my last garden for awhile. Next summer, will be a house painting summer. :) I can feel it in my bones.
    I love your container gardening. It is doing really well.

  8. My garden has only trees and flowers Debbie!I'm not growing nothing this summer because it's so hot here!Now we have 38c!Your garden looks great!!Enjoy!!

  9. I think tomatoes are struggling everywhere this year. They really need the heat I am not very fond of. It looks great. I made eggplant parmesan a few weeks ago with my farmer's market find. Yum....Have a wonderful week. B

  10. We had raised beds for the veggie garden, but this year, with work being done on the yard, we didn't plant. One thing that grew in abundance this summer was weeds! I don't remember any other year being so full of those pesky monsters!

  11. I love the idea of growing vegetables in pots. I must remember to do that next year!

  12. The eggplant looks soooooo healthy! It's pretty even if it wasn't producing. We were so disappointed that our tomatoes didn't do better. I think we are going smaller next year.

  13. How exciting! I am planning my garden for fall. Going to buy one of those planter boxes from Home Depot. It will be my first attempt. Thanks for sharing these; it gives me hope that I can do it.

  14. Your garden yield is wonderful! Mine of course is doing pitifully, as it tends to do because of the extreme heat. Not worth even one picture, I can tell you! I wish I had some fresh veggies I grew! I miss that. But, I planted a lot less this year because I had a horrendous water bill the last two summers and very little yield. It wasn't worth it.

  15. yummy!! i love fresh veggies. i have never grown eggplants. only tomatoes, lettuce & cucumbers on our deck. i must admit it was tons of work. i guess i needed more of them or something?? i have never tried to it again. you guys enjoy!! ( :

    i can't wait to see what you cook? hope you have some recipes to share. so fun!!

  16. It looks like your garden is doing beautifully, Debbie.
    I am not sure about there in NJ, but I know that here in NY, lots of people are complaining about their tomatoes not doing well. "-(

  17. I like your container garden! I should try a cucumber plant in a pot. Ours in the garden aren't doing that well. The tomatoes have really started producing good. They are my favorite of all the garden stuff! A slice of tomato makes any sandwich yummy!

  18. Hubby's little garden consists of green beans, tomatoes and cayenne peppers. They are all doing well...we've had plenty to eat, have canned some ans still had some to give away! I think you are doing well...better than some big gardeners I know!! :-)

  19. Nice job! It just goes to show you don't need lots of land and a tiller to have a garden!

  20. I love eggplant! I am glad you were able to pick a couple of tomatoes..We have a cherry tomato plant, it seem to be doing good.. It is good to keep it manageable.. Have a happy week!

  21. What a lovely job! I've given up on on veggies. I'm so sad. I'm happy to share yours vicariously!!!

  22. I wish we could say that we have a garden this year. We had plans for one and then had too many things happen with our family and it just didn't happen. I like the idea that you have the garden on your porch; this is diffidently perfect for us so next year I hope it will happen. I did love all the pictures of your produce and I liked the pictures of the meals, also.
    Blessings dear friend!

  23. I've always wanted to plant a garden but never really knew where to begin. Maybe a small garden with just a few plants is a good idea for me!

  24. Rich, rich tomatoes. Best!

  25. I want that eggplant parmagina!