Sunday, August 10, 2014

Learning to Knit...

I'm still learning...
I never want to stop learning, or growing as a knitter.
I hope I can always come here and sit on this farm with the Alpaca
and Leanne and learn new things.
I hope I always realize how special being here is!! 
Now, let's get to the good stuff, what I have been knitting.
As you all know, I finished hat number one...

and I moved right along to hat number two.
This picture was taken on August 3rd,
and because I have no knitting self control...

 and with Leanne's help, 
hat number two came off my needles on August 6th.

 I added a pom-pom to hat number one.
I am not sure whether it looks better with or without said pom-pom.
Any feedback from the audience would be greatly appreciated!

Some pretty new yarn was purchased and I have lots of
awesome ideas floating around in my head.
I see a hat for everyone on my Christmas gift giving list!!
Remember to weigh in on the pom-pom, yes or no!!


  1. You amaze me that you are so involved in so many things and constantly learning and doing interesting and joyful projects.

  2. Oh you are doing great and I understand that addicted to creating thing I have been knitting like crazy for some reason, I never thought I would enjoy something so much. I have to tell you my Mom swears by the pom pom but I am partial to not having one but that could be just that I don't know how to make one:) My flat top hats look silly with one but yours look good. Nice setting to learn wish I lived closer:) Hug B

  3. Debbie, you are doing great with your knitting.. I love both of the hats with and without the pom-pom.. Have a happy day!

  4. variety is the spice of life. you'd be cute with a pom pom. :)

  5. Love your smile in the photo of you knitting! I think I like hat No. 2 best because of the colors. Pom pom or no pom pom would probably depend on whom the hat is intended for.

  6. considering i have only kitted like a wee wee bit ... i say Congrats to you ... i wish you well on your learning. i bet it is a real ball. so fun!! ( :

  7. Add another talent to your list :). PomPom? In MY opinion it is totally a question of one's personality.

  8. Debbie!
    Congratulations. To learn is never too late.
    Your hats are beautiful.
    Good luck. Have a good Sunday.
    Lucia distant Polish.

  9. Both hats are very preety Debbie!I have knitt many hats in the past,and i can say you did a great work!!I like the pom,pom!!Waiting to see your new project!!Have a lovely week!!

  10. Lovely knitting your'e doing, and YES to the pom pom! It's a nice touch.

  11. Wow you are off and running and I do love the colors of the yarn.
    Pom Pom or not? Well I think it would depend on the person.
    While I like it, I think I would like the hat without it.
    But of course, both hats are just as cute as can be. You are learning so fast.

  12. You're doing so wonderfully! I like the pom pom, so that's a YES from me depending on who you're knitting it for! :)

  13. With or without the pom pom, both hats are just wonderful, Debbie. The people you gift them to, will love them!

    Happy Sunday to you!

  14. Your work is beautiful -- no dropped stitches, has the correct tension. You're a born knitter! I like the pom-pom!

  15. You go girl!!!! I tried to learn and gave up. I had no 'teacher' to help me and I could cast on just fine...from there on, everything looked like a mess. lol

    Thanks for linking up this week at the bird photos!!!

  16. So love that you are loving knitting! :-) You are learning really fast. I haven't even thought about trying a hat yet.

    I think it's pretty with or without Pom Poms. Perhaps with a Pom Pom is a little more casual.

  17. I love knitting, but like you...I become obsessed with it when I take out the needles. And then I only like the really nice yarns, which are expensive, and I can't afford all the yarn I want!

    Good job on the hats! I like it without the pom pom.

  18. Yes, for the Pom Pom. I think you are doing very well. Do to you learning; I finally am trying another crocheted blanket for a new Grand baby. Perhaps I will take up knitting again. I really love the hats you have made.

  19. Love the pom pom. I have just finished knitting hat number 3.

  20. You took to knitting like a duck takes to water ;)

  21. Great job! I think having a pom pom on top would depend entirely on if the hat is for a man or woman, boy or girl.

  22. By the way, LOVE the sea glass and that green vase!!!!!

  23. I like the blending of colors in your second hat. The pom pom would depend on the person wearing it I guess.

  24. Wow - look at you go! Your hats are awesome. I like both Pom Pom and not - but I'm with TexWis - you'd look adorable with a Pom Pom!

  25. I believed that everyone that get a Christmas- knitting from you will be lucky!