Friday, August 29, 2014

Lighting the Way!!

Lighthouses are one of my favorite places to visit when
vacationing in a seaside community.
The New England lighthouses did not disappoint.
Pictured are a few of the many we saw while we were away!!

Pictured first is the lighthouse in Stonington, Ct.

We were in Stonington on August 17, 2014

Next up, the lighthouse in Mystic, Ct.

 with the hubs on August 17 as well.

The next lighthouse was in Watch Hill, Rhode Island

 we visited here on August 18th.

In Mystic, this old lighthouse was purchased and restored to it's
original appearance and is now a personal residence.
I am certain this would be the best place to be on a nice day ~
but what about a stormy day, oh, I am not so sure about that!!


  1. Me want light house Now!
    Unfortunately, me have tiny condominium. Oh well...
    ((hugs)) m & jb

  2. You found some gorgeous places on your safari. One of my targeted adventures will be the NE. Gotta start making plans.

    Happy Friday to you. :O)

  3. We've visited New England a couple of times, and the lighthouses are beautiful!
    You should plan a trip to Virginia and North Carolina: we have some nice ones too!

  4. Lighthouses are so neat! Not many here in Iowa (and that's an understatement)! Enjoyed seeing the through your photos--beautiful!

  5. They are so beautiful and what a view on a pretty day! I wonder too about storms but I guess they have been through many helping sailors find their way! I have never seen one in person so a BIG thank you Debbie for sharing your adventures! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. wow. very cool. i LOVE the stone one!!!

  7. Debbie i love old lighthouses too!
    But we don't have here ,only on the islands!The place that you visit is so beautiful!!Gorgeous pictures!!Wonderful seashores!!Thank you for sharing!

  8. I absolutely love light houses too!
    Each is so unique!

  9. I love lighthouses, and your photos captured their beauty! We once took a lighthouse boat tour in Maine, and another one in Nova Scotia. They each have a beauty that's different from all others. Hope your New England tour was wonderful!

  10. Just lovely, dear Debbie! There was a lighthouse where I lived (in Canada) and your pictures brought back some sweet memories. Have a wonderful long weekend!


  11. Beautiful lighthouses! These are some of the best I've seen. :)

  12. These are lovely! I really like the stone one. And your photograph from Stonington is sooooo beautiful. Love the colors and the way the rocks curve over the water.

  13. They are all beautiful, Debbie! I love lighthouses, great series! It would be fun just to drive around visiting the lighthouses! Happy Friday!

  14. I LOVE lighthouses, and these are such beauties, Debbie, especially the one at Watch Hill.

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  15. Oh, I just LOVE the stone one! But all three are beautiful! And your photos are beautiful! What an amazing place to visit!

  16. Charming place and stunning views !
    Debbie, have a nice weekend :)

  17. These are great! I like the stone of the first one and the simplicity of the second. I always loved visiting the lighthouses along the Great Lakes.

  18. Lovely pictures. Living at the edge of the water doesn't sound like something I would want to do,especially during stormy weather.

  19. I also enjoy lighthouses too!

    Great photos as always!

    I love stopping by your blog.

  20. I love Lighthouses too. These are some really nice ones. I think my favorite was the 1st one just because of the Stone work, you don't always see that in a Lighthouse.

  21. I love lighthouses. Of course, I haven't seen that many. I can only think of one. These were beautiful pictures as always. I too wouldn't want to be in a light house during a storm; but i would think they are built well.
    Blessings for these lovely photos.

  22. It looks like a beautiful place to visit and spend the night knitting!