Monday, November 5, 2012

In The Dark...

Do you think about electricity?
When you flip on a light, cook on the stove or do the laundry...
Have you ever thought about what it would be like,
to be without power, for a week or more...
how you would react, what you would do?
Would you be a survivor??
I had some moments. Not because we did not have power.
We had a small generator, for the refrigerator
and a heat "dish" to keep us warm.
We had plenty of food and I was able to cook on our gas stove top.
It was the ciaos and the lack of routine and order that I couldn't handle.
I couldn't concentrate, at times I felt paralyzed.
The good news is,
(yes it's "good" news), 
I had purchased this 1000 piece puzzle, right before the storm.
For the hubs and I to work on this winter, just a little at a time.
When darkness came, we opened the box. 
It was completed just as our power was restored.
1000 pieces, each piece carefully placed in the appropriate place.
The Jersey Shore will rebuild itself, one piece at a time!!
And I can't wait...because I know, it will be better then ever! 


  1. i knew you and i would get along well. my father, sister and i (sometimes my mom, too) would fix picture puzzles in the dead of wisconsin winter. i love that you did one. gives your mind something to focus on.

    i think you managed exceptionally well, considering...

  2. HI Debbie...Love your spunk and attitude girl ; ) Even with a generator your so out of sink!!
    One day at a time is all we can hope for!!
    Now that is a bright colored puzzle! I bet that brought some light to the situation!!
    I am so thinking of all who have so much to boggles my mind!!
    Take care my friend ♥

  3. We are so used to having things a certain way,that we find it hard to deal with disruptions. Years ago we were without power for a whole week and I did find it stressful yet in a strange way relaxing. Glad things are back to normal for you,or at least close to normal.

  4. Debbie, Many years ago we lost electricity for a week caused by an ice storm. We were told to stay inside because there were downed electrical lines around us. Even if there were not live lines down, there were hundred year old trees downed blocking the streets around us. We had a huge fireplace to keep us warm, a gas grill to cook on, several bottles of wine and lots of books. As you said it was the lack of routine.

    I always pick up a puzzle to be worked over the Christmas holidays.

  5. ~Smiles~
    For your spirit.

    And for the golden memory of doing puzzles with my dad.

  6. Hi Debbie glad to hear everything is okay. I was getting worried about you and your hubby. Good thing you bought that puzzle. We went through this last summer July 4th weekend no power for 3 days but nothing like what is going on on the East coast. Hang in there it will get better.


  7. Debbie, I am so thankful that your family is alright. I love working puzzles. Your puzzle was just the thing to help you through the crisis.

  8. I love the picture you chose for your puzzle. I am so glad you had that to help with "Normal," Which when things are not normal it is the little things that help. I am so glad that you shared that. It reminds me of when our power would go out and the kids were small and we would read books to them by candlelight and flash light and the kids remember that as the best times of life, because we were all together,
    Blessings come in small ways. I am so glad you are okay. I can't even say that enough I don't think.

  9. You're a modern day pioneer!!! It is amazing how reliant we are on the power company!!! Love your positive attitude, and I'm sure Jersey Shore will be better than ever.

  10. I often put puzzles together especially while growing up on the farm. Love this post and what you said about Jersey Shore rebuilding, one piece at a time. There is so much to be done, but it will get there and be stronger than ever!
    Glad that you had that puzzle to do while you were waiting, it's beautiful too!

  11. Oh Debbie... what a time it must of been... but the two of you can make it thru anything!!

  12. So glad you had that puzzle to help put a little order in your life. My mom, dad, grandma, and I used to put puzzles together during the long winter months. I still like doing puzzles to this day, but seldom do. Things will slowly get put back together piece by piece on the Jersey Shore.
    Take care.

  13. Excellent about that puzzle!!! I have lived w/o electric - shut off, no money to pay the bill - and you describe it very, very well! Without electric, I have no people connections (computer), I can't cook or make coffee, and then there is the darkness ... I admire and salute you for posting upbeat-ness during this whole ordeal! I have not even lived through it (just followed it online) and been extremely upset about the whole thing - u r inspirational, as always!

  14. YES it will be better than ever and you are going to be fine. I love your puzzle that is surely a lot of pieces.
    I had no power for a week during the ice storm I understand that feeling of helplessness but you have the right attitude and you are in my thoughts everyday. HUGS HUGS HUGS B

  15. You did a wonderful job of maintaining during those trying times, my friend. I knew you would!

  16. Debbie, perfect timing to buy your puzzle, it is a pretty one too. Love the balloons. I am happy your electric is bakc on, I know how horrible it can be to go without. I am looking forward to seeing the Jersey shore return better than ever. Have a great day!

  17. If you were going to spend the whole winter working on that puzzle, and it is now finished, does that mean winter is over...

  18. That is one heck of a puzzle! You should glue it together and frame it. Just a reminder of the way the Jersey shore will rebuild itself. That is a memory put together:))))

  19. Hallelujah! It's so good to see you survived & no damage! I pray for the others that weren't so lucky... God bless them all & God bless you & your family!!! =)

  20. Welcome Debbie!
    A very interesting post. Excellent.
    I really like puzzles.

  21. Love the puzzle - love the analogy!

  22. Beautiful puzzle. Glad you had it to keep your mind busy

  23. I'm just so glad you guys are OK and hooray for the generator. Puzzles are great because there is a solution and because they get DONE eventually. Even in the best of times, so much of life is iffy with lots of gray areas. When a jigsaw or a crossword puzzle is done it's DONE and done right!

  24. While we go tent camping without power for FUN, it is very different when you are trying to live your everyday life without it. It's hard to shower in the dark or with a flashlight. You can't vacuum, do laundry, or half of the other things you have to do..or want to do. Just sitting by the computer or the television in the evening becomes one more thing you can't do. It's very depressing.

    Been there, it's not fun. We finally broke down and bought a small generator this year too. It's not big enough for the entire house--just the fridge (like you), but just having SOME power helps boost the mood to keep going in tough times.

    Glad you are okay. The coast will rebuild and come a whole new way. I'm sorry for the loss though--it's hard to see the places you love destroyed. Hugs, my friend.

  25. What a mess this weather system has caused! We didn't have it bad up here but still lost power for about 36 hours. I have to admit being in a foul mood about it since it happened almost right after I came home from the hospital with my new knee. But after I saw all the destruction in NY and NJ, I felt ashamed for complaining.