Saturday, July 8, 2017

Saturday Critters ~ 186 ~

This cute little bird was sitting right at the office window.
Sweet as can be, she and I were trying to decide her "best side".
I was a little miffed identifying her...
She is golden brown, like a sparrow, but even more golden then a sparrow.
She was not gray/brown like my house finches,
but her body fit the shape of a house finch.
I posted her picture on Facebook 
and the consensus there - she is a Female House Finch.
A "special" one...

She and I played for several minutes, 
I told her I had work to do and this was her reaction.
I feel the same way...

How many of my readers are bird lovers?
Do you watch the birds - feed the birds - or photograph them?
Remember to provide water for them during the summer months,
it is as important for them as food!

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  1. Awe, this little sweet tweet fills my screen with joy! Happy Saturday and weekend to you Debbie!

  2. Such a sturdy beak. She's lovely!

  3. is lovely! Happy saturday and weekend !

  4. I really like this bird a lot. The brown is so bright it looks almost golden.

  5. Gorgeous photos!!!

    We can't feed the birds any more. well not for a long time. where we had to have feeder, meant walking a bit, over ice/snow in winter. and we no longer could do so, safely. -sigh-

    But we provide water for them, in warm months, with bird bath fountain, just off back patio.

    Not only do they love a drink, but they do love a gooooood bathhhhhh. ,-)

    Luna Crone

  6. Hello Debbie, your female finch is adorable. She posed so nicely for you and your camera. I think you know I am a bird lover or maybe addicted. Wonderful series of photos, the last one is funny. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  7. Oh what sweet bird.
    Debbie, a beautiful series of pictures.

  8. What a sweetie pie; posed like a pro; great shots too :)

  9. She posed so sweetly for you!
    Have a wonderful week-end!

  10. I love them with all my heart! :) Funny photo-story)

  11. I agree on the House Finch. I would add that it is a juvenile and so cute. I do feed the birds.

  12. She's a beauty and I love that soft touch of olive colour on her underside. Whether you believe it or not, you've got your new camera totally under your control Debbie - those shots are marvellous.
    Yes, I love birds. I watch, feed, photograph and make up little stories in my head about them. I draw them sometimes too.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful birdie moments :D) xx

  13. Fantastic shots of this adorable finch!

  14. goodness gracious Debbie those are FANTASTIC pictures!! what a sweet little bird and your pictures really show the detail of her pretty feathers and her feet and her face and everything! Loved looking at these! I never paid much attention to birds until the past few years I got interested in the birds of prey and owls as well because they flew and fed and mated and roosted and hooted right at our windows, LOL We enjoy watching the osprey and the pelicans diving for their food and we were loving hummingbirds one summer, but they have not returned. do y'all have hummingbirds there? Their swooping antics were so fun to watch!

  15. Beautiul shots of a female house Finch.

  16. You know I love them ... your little lady seems like she's carrying on a conversation with you ... and she does NOT want you to stop paying attention to her.

  17. How sweet; I love her color. :)


  18. We were close to. House finch just yesterday and heard her song. My BIL managed a photo with his big zoom.

  19. Watch, feed, photograph--all the above! How nice to get so many shots of your little model.

    1. nice!!! are you taking pictures as well??!!

  20. Hi Debbie!:) Stupendous captures of the pretty female House Finch. These images have done you proud,...they could not be better. Have a great week!:)

  21. I find your bird photos so inspiring! I still don't have that bird feeder and bird bath that I wanted. Time flies and it just hasn't happened. These photos are spectacular of this Female House Finch. Very lovely bird and you can see the beauty and personality in this one. I still think you should publish a book of your bird photos. I'm sure it would be a top seller. Blessings and hugs!