Monday, January 2, 2017

Putting Away Christmas

I'm "thinking" about un-decorating the house from Christmas - thinking!
I probably won't do it today, although I know it needs to be done.
Do you remember "I Dream of Jeannie"? 
I did the little arms crossed - head nod thing, and everything was still in place.
- drat -

When that didn't work I decided to tour the house with the camera.
I've shown a few pictures, here and there, 
but this will give the bigger picture before I put everything away.

When the boys were little, this was their favorite decoration in the house.
It was my grandmothers and is a favorite of mine as well.
That's the downstairs - I don't decorate upstairs!!


  1. Your home is not only gorgeous-- but looks warm and welcoming!--the best kind of house! Are those scrapbooks i see? I have dozens ---used to do much more than now but i do still make mini scrapbooks now-- how bout you? I used to put so much time into making the big 12 by 12s.

  2. Hello Debbie, beautiful decorations. Your home is so pretty, cozy and inviting. My decorations are all packed away back in Maryland. Happy Monday, enjoy your day!

  3. It's all so neat and clean!

    Love the little snowy scene. We had something similar when I was a kid.

  4. Wow- everything is so beautiful! Maybe you should move to Vermont - Christmas stays up until April here (but that may just be the outdoor lights-I'm really not sure). Anyway - I'm thinking enjoy for a few more days then try that Genie nod again.

  5. Your home is just lovely, so comfy and welcoming!! Wouldn't it be wonderful just to snap and it would all be put away. We are having out get together with the kids on Thursday so I need to keep it all up until then, but after that it will come down and my Snowman collection will go up until I decorate for Valentines day the beginning of February. So enjoyed your lovely tour, wishing you a most Blessed and Happiest New Year with many fun places to explore with your wonderful Hubby!!

  6. i really enjoy your green chairs. they look so comfortable. i love seeing out every one does decorate, so fun. i love Christmas. one of my favorite holidays. look forward to every year. this year has been a bit different. have not reveal much on my blog, it is a bit personal. main thing is ... my hubby is going through a huge stressful time with work and all ... it has been a huge stressful time. much different than any other year. hoping this new year will be a better one than last year. i hope you & your family have a great one as well. thank you, thank you for sharing. ( ;

  7. Beautiful Beautiful home Debbie!!

  8. Your home and decorations are beautiful.

  9. It looks fabulous and welcoming. I like the idea of the photo albums being laid out too.

  10. So beautiful and festive, but searching for snow out your windows comes up green grass and no SNOW! I really enjoy the simple last decoration as well! It's a great tradition handed down!

  11. Beautifully decorated....I am sorry the jeanie things didn't work; I'd like to use it too.....Just enjoy and you'll know the right time to put it all up.....

  12. If my house looked that pretty, I don't think I would want to un-decorate it ever. Its beautiful!!
    I have always wished for that I Dream of Jeanie power Debbie. ;)

  13. I'd say that your house looks like a bit of a showplace.

  14. I think there was a nose wiggle in Jeannie's routine... perhaps another try ;D)
    You've a gorgeous home Debbie, as others have remarked above, it's so warm and welcoming. It was lovely having a look around, I love all the details you add, all those little treasures placed so prettily.
    Those apple green dining chairs are superb and look so smart around the white table.
    Your Grandmother's decoration is beautiful and I can see the attraction by little children... right through to adults.
    Thank you Debbie, it was fun :D)

  15. So very beautiful! And, I always love seeing your home as it takes my breath away.

  16. I don't blame you for not wanting to put things away just yet, Debbie. Everything is so, so beautiful!
    All of my decorations are still out, but this weekend, they will be going back into storage. Always kind of sad when that has to be done. :-(

  17. Gorgeous home! You have decorating skillz! (Yes, with a "z". An even higher level!) :-) I like having the Christmas stuff out, I just don't like having to put it out or take it all down. LOL

  18. Just lovely Debbie.
    Thank you so much for inviting me, and your blogging friends, into your lovely home ...

    All the best Jan

  19. What a beautiful home! I love it.

  20. The Christmas Decorations are so lovely! You have a beautiful home that should be on one of those home tours. You are talented in the decorating area too; amazing woman you are. I find it hard to put Christmas away. We got our upstairs cleared up but I still have the downstairs to do. Have sweet moments as you put things away and reflect on all the precious Christmas memories.
    Blessings and hugs for you!