Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Meeting a Wood Duck

Rumors were swirling around Facebook that there were 
Wood Ducks in Smithville,  
then some pictures appeared from local photographers on the site.
Smithville is in New Jersey, about 40 minutes from home, 
that's not too far to travel to see a duck, right?
It's a quaint historic village, cute shops and home to the Smithville Inn for a great meal. 
It wasn't hard to talk the hubs in to it, so last Friday, we took a ride.
It was a beautiful day, sunny, not too cold - the perfect day to drive 40 minutes to see a duck.

We had trouble finding them, there was a phone call to a friend,
she helped and then - there they were!

One male, one female - photographing them in the water was near impossible.

But then "this happened" and I about wet my pants when they came out of the water.

Mr. and Mrs., they never leave each others side.

Here they are seen rushing for that spot, where again "this happened".

They have tiny little legs and feet and they are much smaller than the Mallards.
That is not obvious when they are in the water.

We had an early dinner at the Smithville Inn.
I ordered beef brisket, no vegetables, extra mashed potatoes.
I can't believe I did not take a picture, it was amazing. 
It tasted just like pot roast and was better than anything I have ever prepared.
The gravy was thick and rich, red wine rich...so delicious I could have eaten it with a spoon.

They were still decorated for Christmas, I wish I had taken more pictures.

This sand sculpture is always out front, they change it from time to time,
I have never seen this design before!

Good thing for the hubs driving - I was in a food coma all the way home!


  1. Fantastic find! I've never seen a wood duck - but would definitely drive 40 minutes to do so! It's awesome that they came out of the water for you!

  2. how much wood would a wood chuck chuck...

    I'm OCD. Hear that name and the rhyme goes nuts in my head.

  3. gorgeous ducks. those colors are amazing. ( ; i am giggling at the apples for sale ... it is too cold for apple picking, right? happy tuesday to you! ( ;

  4. Nice meeting, Debbie. They are happy too with the cold.Cute photos!!

  5. What beautiful ducks!! Love the Inn where you ate. I often find myself after a trip wishing I had taken a picture of this or that. I just have to relive the day in my memories!

  6. What a nice trip and what amazing shots of the wood ducks. They are so great.
    I might have been in a food coma too. It sounds fantastic.

  7. Amazing pics of the ducks - definitely worth 40 mins in the car AND a delicious meal in a lovely old inn! Win Win Win!

  8. These are truly some of the most beautiful creatures, and I am so glad that you were able to see and photograph them, Debbie.
    Your dinner sounds delicious!

  9. your photography is just stunning.
    these are very beautiful ducks...you don't see too many ducks where i'm from! :)
    be blessed!

  10. Beautiful! Woodies are among my favorites! Their colors are fantastic. Definitely worth the drive!

  11. Oh heck... what amazingly beautiful ducks! Your photos are fabulous and I'm so in love with these pretty creatures :D)
    Sounds like a perfect meal after the drive. Thanks for your post!

  12. The Wood Duck is a gorgeous duck.I'm so glad you got to see it.

  13. Aww...they look so cozy in the water.

  14. I just love the Wood Duck. So stunning to look at. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  15. Great photos. They are magnificent creatures. Thanks for sharing. Glad you made a date of it.

  16. For some reason I been hungry for an apple. I've seen duck like that on our game reserve.
    Coffee is on

  17. The photo of the ducks are awesome. I love the one of the MR. and Mrs. it was stunning. We have a lake nearby where there are a ton of ducks; I will try to take some photos too but they won't be as lovely as yours. I really love the little place you ate at. The decorations are lovely and it looks so quaint. The food sounds yummy! Again, another great adventure. Hugs~

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