Friday, January 20, 2017

Patriots Day

The hubs and I have not been to the movies in several years.
We use to go all the time, but the quality of movies has declined 
and nothing lately has appealed to us.

I really like Mark Wahlberg and I had seen several commercials for 
Patriots Day.
The movie appeared to be well done, 
but I was not sure I wanted to support a movie about terrorism.
I watched the trailer for the movie several times,
and we made the decision to go.
The movie was awesome, I learned so much about that terrible event,
and everything was presented tastefully.
I really enjoyed the dedications at the end, all were beautifully illustrated.

Now here's a little "theater" info.
This theater is new -
- You no longer get "tickets", you get these tiny stubs of paper.
- You have to pick out your seat before you go in the theater.
- This brand new theater had stadium seating, amazing, cushy seats that recline.
- The seats had cup holders that actually hold your cup without spilling it.
- Wednesday is senior citizen day -
this fact was quite touchy.
If you look at our tickets they say "1 SN DIS" $ 8.50
That stands for "1 Senior Discount" - WHAT!?
I asked the young boy, 
who looked to be about 10, how old you had to be to receive the discount?
"60" - he replied
My voice trembled as I asked the next question -
"Do you think I'm 60"??
He said "NO, I just give it to everyone"!
That was the right answer - because as much as I wanted that discount,
I was not going to say I was 60!

And can you believe a discounted ticket to a movie is $ 8.50??
geeeeeeez - maybe I am 60!


  1. I have seen this movie advertised on looks like a good one. Oh I don't know, if I were to get a movie ticket for $8.50 I don't care if the fellow thinks me 60...70....! =) Down here at the bottom of the world, my husband and I went to the movies the other day and it was $40 for the two tickets!! Perhaps I should have inferred I was a senior citizen.

  2. We don't get to many movies either, but they are fun from time to time. We have gift certificates (or whatever they call those plastic thingies) for dinner and a movie, but Sue says that they must be used on separate occasions since she must indulge in copious amounts of popcorn when at the movie, so dinner is a waste.

  3. Hello, I like the senior discount. That is nice. The seats sound comfy. It has been awhile since we went to a movie. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. I was doubtful if I wanted to see it. You just convince me I should.

  5. First thing I noticed was the price. We have Senior Discount day here--Tuesday--$5.00 a ticket and we get a free child sized popcorn, drink and gummy bear package. HAH!! I don't want to see this movie. I've been in Boston on Patriot's Day and my grand daughter took part in the Marathon the year before this happened. Plus, I really can't stand to watch even TV shows now that have violence.

  6. Glad you enjoyed your movie outing Debbie. Looking from the other side of the "60 fence" I had a chuckle at your reaction to the ticket boy. I love getting discounts... ha ha even down to the 10% off glasses frames yesterday. Cheers :D)

  7. First I've heard of the movie

  8. Haven't been to the cinema in years ...
    Glad you enjoyed the film

    All the best Jan

  9. We have not gone in years either, trying to remember the last one we went to. Wow things have really changed haven't they, and it has gotten more expensive too. Glad you enjoyed it, I will have to put that on my list of movies to rent. I often wonder how old I look myself.... and I am with you these kids working at these places are looking younger and younger the older I get.

  10. what a funny experience!
    where i'm at, i believe a regular priced ticket is about $12.50.
    which is the exact reason my family never goes to the movies.

    be blessed!!

  11. Thanks for the movie review! While on our mission we don't go to movies unless they are just PG. I did love your humor on this one. I remember the first time we started to use Senior discounts; it was so strange. I don't mind the title of Senior but really don't like Elderly. Anyway, i'm failing on this one! Hugs~

  12. I haven't seen this movie, but I'm glad to hear a good recommendation! The theater close to our house has had the big, reclining seats for a couple of years now. Very nice! No more getting kicked in the seatback from the person behind. I have an app on my iPhone I use to purchase tickets and reserve the seats. Once at the theater I just show a scan code on my phone and go right in. No more paper tickets or going to the ticket window.

  13. Too funny, Debbie, and he did indeed have the right answer!
    On another note...
    An amazing movie about a horrific experience.

  14. I take parties to the movies adnw we always get senior rates